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Are You Interested to Install Chandelier in Your Small Room?

Chandeliers are commonly found in large country estates, opulent townhouses, and opulent cities, although they can also be found in humble homes. It is unlikely that you will ever have enough room for one.

Finding the ideal Chandelier design is important, as is choosing the proper room size and location. Although most ancient chandeliers are usually rather huge and covered in crystals, contemporary versions of this classic can be much neater and smarter, and they can be fitted into even small spaces without sacrificing the glitz.

If you ever happen to visit the website of Sofary to make a selection for your Chandelier light you will be overwhelmed with choices. You can find Chandelier lights such as Double Sphere Raindrop, Round base Bubble glass, Luxury style One Ring, and many more varieties of Chandeliers.

You can surely choose a certain Chandelier that can fit well into your smaller rooms too. While choosing your chandelier, it will mostly depend on your impression of size and proportion, if you are unsure, you can choose it using a certain mathematical method.

  • Simply add the room’s length and width, both in feet.
  • The intended diameter of your chandelier would be the sum of the results in inches.

For instance, if your room is 20 feet wide and 18 feet long, the sum will be 38 feet. As a result, your chandelier’s diameter will be about 38 inches.

It will be safer to install two smaller chandeliers if you find that one is either too huge or too small for your room.

Here are a few more ideas to fit your Chandelier into your smaller spaces.

Sparkle over the stairs

There is no requirement for a high ceiling on the top floor, but the double-height area immediately over the stairs is frequently thought to be the best location for a chandelier.

Swerve the ceiling

You can search for a chandelier in areas other than the ceiling as well. This will present an opportunity to cram a chandelier into a bay, nook, or corner.

Shrink to fit

Introduce the glitz and allure of a sparkling chandelier, but on a much smaller scale. Find a tiny replica that, despite being much smaller, seems genuine to larger versions in terms of shape and materials.

Design your own

Many furniture retailers now have lighting that you can assemble yourself by selecting the flex, fitting, and bulb, then connecting them. Make use of this freedom to create a chandelier that is unique to your room.

To create a modern, low-cost chandelier impression, strategically install a few hooks in the ceiling. Simply construct the design to fit the given space.

Move away from the focal point

For the apartment bedroom that finds itself constrained on ceiling space, think away from the conventional focal point for example over the bed. Hang your chandelier to the side so it may serve as both a chandelier and a bedroom lamp.

Make your ceiling

Other than the ceiling, look for other places to hang a chandelier. You can then cram your must-have item into a niche or hang it from a beam, a window frame, a four-poster bed, or both.