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Are you going to travel by car? Stay tuned for a review

Traveling by car is really a remarkable experience for people. It’s one of those moments that everyone needs to experience at least once in their lives. However, for the planned route to be fruitful and not cause you problems during the trip, some attitudes are essential, such as having your car inspected and always trying to remain calm.

Travel planning in search of the ideal destinations is very important. In Brazil, there are several wonderful routes to be made by car, the  

Also, expenses need to be taken into account as there are plenty of ways to save money when traveling by car. But to avoid risks or inconveniences during the journey, it is important that the car is reviewed and maintenance is up to date.

In addition to these very important factors that have already been mentioned, insuring Geico auto insurance is another essential way to protect yourself against various facts that can happen and turn the plan to travel by car into a dramatic story. Can you imagine having an electrical failure during the route, in the middle of the road, and not having insurance to help in case of need?

Still without insurance for your car?

Among the coverage that insurance can offer, we have 24-hour assistance that offers a tow truck to help in case of unforeseen circumstances, in addition to other services such as changing tires.

Auto insurance still protects you against nature damage, theft, theft, crashes, and all kinds of accidents that can happen during a car trip. So make yours right now! 

If you plan to travel by car, there is a list of pre-defined and very important items to check before hitting the road and enjoying the fun. Even for those who follow the preventive and predictive maintenance routine recommended by the manufacturer, doing the checklist and traveling with peace of mind is more prudent.

However, pay attention to other important points: the review should not be done on the eve of a car trip, after all, if there is a need to replace a part, it may be unlikely to do it overnight. It is recommended that the review be done at least one week in advance.

Before leaving to travel by car, check the wheels and tires

If the wheel is traditional, iron, look for dents that can harm the stability of the car. A tip that can help in this analysis is that if the pressure of a tire is lower than the others, it is very likely that this wheel is dented, as it is allowing air to escape due to this damage.

And the verification doesn’t end there! Traveling in a car with peace of mind requires attention to details such as the analysis of the calibration, state of conservation, whether you are bald or not, and how long it has been running… all this information is relevant.

Car needs to be aligned and balanced

Before traveling by car, align and balance the vehicle. This is extremely important maintenance, but one that drivers end up neglecting. Something important to note about this issue is that the main symptoms of lack of alignment and balance usually appear only at high speeds: vibration in the steering wheel is just one example of a symptom of lack of maintenance.

Remember to check your engine oil before leaving to travel by car. 

Such simple maintenance, but so important. Checking the engine oil helps prevent various problems with lubrication, as well as saving you money. When the engine is not being well lubricated, it can even burn out. And you don’t want to go through the hassle of making a new engine…

A tip to check the engine oil is always to do this when the car has a cold engine.

If the oil is below the indicated level, change it immediately before continuing the car journey, in addition to observing that there are no leaks. If the oil color is black and jelly-like, this is another indication that a change is necessary.

Don’t forget to check the radiator water.

This is an important tip not only for those who will travel by car but for those who drive on a daily basis. Have you ever seen those problems that cause the car to release a gigantic smoke coming out of the hood? So this is the car boiling over due to a lack of water in the radiator or coolant. This part that makes up the system, keeps the engine cool so it doesn’t overheat and cause this problem.

Before analyzing the radiator water, make sure the time the car was turned off, as the cap will be very hot and the liquid is pressurized, which can cause serious burns. If the vehicle has recently been turned off, wait for it to cool down a bit to proceed with the analysis of another important maintenance step for traveling by car.

Check the lights before traveling by car

Especially for those traveling by car at night, checking the lights is very important. Test all bulbs, such as the headlights, taillights, brake lights, reversing lights, and turn signals. This ensures more safety during the journey for the driver and other people on the road. Not to mention the fact that if you are caught with a burned-out light bulb, it is considered an infraction subject to a fine.

If you need to change a light bulb because it’s burned out, we teach you here. It’s very simple and doesn’t even take 5 minutes to complete the entire process.

To travel by car, check all important items

Before traveling by car, make sure all the vehicle’s tools are in order, especially because of necessities during the route. Imagine the following situation: a flat tire in the middle of the road. Do you have a jack and the wheel wrench?

If the car breaks down, it is necessary to have a triangle to make the signal and the extinguisher must be within the expiration date, in case the car catches fire. Oh! Don’t forget the spare tire!

In addition to these precautions, other small tools can also be useful in case of need, such as screwdrivers, pliers, and hammers.

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