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Are You Aware of Electrical Vehicle Charging Cost?

In Australia, buying an EV (Electric vehicle) is growing in popularity. EVs are an excellent option for lowering carbon emission and are also substantially less expensive to operate than any petrol/diesel vehicle.

While buying and operating your EV one thing that owners of any diesel and gasoline-based vehicles never need to think about is: how and where will you “fill up” or charge your EV?

It will be far simpler to immediately refuel a gasoline-powered vehicle and resume driving than it takes to charge an electric vehicle. In addition to being widely available, filling up a car with petrol/diesel is much quicker than charging an EV’s batteries to give it a practical driving range.

There are 3 separate issues that you need to consider here while selecting yourType 2 Portable Charger that is available from Jucer, which is a company quite passionate about electrical vehicle technology.

  • Whether electrical vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) will be supplied with your EV during the purchase?
  • In case, you are interested to purchase an EVSE for your home use then how much it is going to cost to purchase and also install?
  • How are you going to decide what EVSE type will you need and/or whether you can get it installed on your own premises?

How do any EV chargers work?

There is a little more to charging an EV than simply plugging it into your wall socket like you would any other household appliance, like a kettle or toaster. For instance, the AC electricity from a typical residential wall socket must be converted into DC power before being fed into your EV’s battery, which slows down your charging process.

All faster-charging stations employ a DC power source that is sent straight to your battery for quick charge, including those located in public settings like recharge stations or shopping centres.

How much does an EVSE cost to have at home?

Even in Australia, there is a sizable selection of any Mode 3 wall-mount EVSEs, and they come with a bewildering array of capabilities. Single-phase, wall-mounted charging of EVSE at up to seven kW with a five-meter lead starts at about $900 for the basic level device.

Starting at about $1350, there are ones that can track your solar production and modify your EV charging accordingly. A fully-featured one with Bluetooth connectivity, a touchscreen, the ability to customize your vehicle, and other features might cost you $2500 to $3000 or more.

Additionally, a new generation of “smart” EVSEs is going to come shortly if you are willing to wait. These EVSEs can run at variable charging periods and speeds based on what your grid requires and how will you set your choices. Along with some of these, there will be vehicle-to-grid capacity. We are still not aware of how much it is going to cost.

Do not forget to include the installation cost in the EVSE pricing. This starts at about $700 for a straightforward installation.

Setting an upper limit for installation expenses is challenging since it takes more time and materials to install equipment further from the switchboard, but $1500 to $2000 is a reasonable range.



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