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Are Red Potatoes Healthier Than White Potatoes?

There are many varieties of potatoes, but they all have the same nutritional value. It doesn’t really matter which potato you choose, as long as it’s not based on how healthier it is.

It doesn’t mean you should choose any one of them. While they are high in carbohydrates, certain types of carbohydrates can be beneficial for your gut health. Consuming both red and green potatoes can help you meet your vitamin C and potassium requirements.

White And Red Potato Nutrition

Comparisons of white and red potato nutrition are nearly identical. Red potatoes nutrition contains 150 calories per medium red potato. A white potato of the same size has 159 calories. Both red potatoes and white potatoes are rich sources of potassium (every 943 mg and 941 grams, respectively). Both are high in vitamin B, with both reaching 21.8g.

Red potatoes’ carbohydrate content is probably the most prominent nutrition fact. Medium-sized red potatoes contain 33.9 grams of carbs (3.1 grams from fiber), while whites have 36.5 grams (3.6g of fiber).

High Resistant Starch

One of the biggest benefits of red and white potatoes is that they have resistant starch. Resistant starch is a carbohydrate that your body can’t process. Resistance starch goes through your stomach and small intestinal, before finally reaching your large intestine where its fermentation begins.

The resistant starch fermentation feeds the good bacteria within your gut. This classifies potatoes as a food prebiotic. This process aids the good bacteria in multiplying so they outnumber those with bad bacteria. This is how you keep your gut healthy.

Potassium In Potatoes

The red and white potatoes are rich in potassium. Potassium maintains bone health and helps to reduce the risk of suffering from heart disease.

The current recommendation for potassium in adult women is 2,600 milligrams per day and for adult men, it is 3,400 milligrams. This means that one medium or large red or blanched potato provides 36 percent of women’s daily nutritional needs and 28 percent for men. To increase your potassium intake, potatoes can be eaten with potassium-rich foods such as acorn squash and kidney beans, salmon, chicken breast, spinach, chicken tender, and other healthy vegetables.

Antioxidants In Potatoes

Vitamin C, which makes up around 13.5% of the vegetable’s antioxidant potential, is another noteworthy nutrient. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant and also helps you to metabolize proteins. It is also important for your immune system.

Vitamin C can aid in combating oxidative stress. This will reduce your chances of getting certain types of cancers and heart disease. An adequate intake of vitamin C can also be linked to eye health. You may need between 65 and 90mg of Vitamin C each day. Therefore, a single medium-sized white or red potato could provide up to 24 percent of your daily vitamin C requirements depending on your individual circumstances.

All potatoes contain vitamin C. However, there are many carotenoids that include lutein (zeaxanthin), violaxanthin, and flavonoids which act as antioxidants. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics, antioxidants may protect your heart health, promote cognitive function, and help you see better.

Red potatoes are slightly more antioxidant-rich than white potatoes. It all depends on how pigmented their flesh is.

There Are Many Ways To Enjoy Potatoes.

Another reason potatoes are often criticized is their way of being eaten. Many people prefer french fries. This is because they are easy to overeat.

By cooking potatoes the night before, you can increase the starch resistance. Place them in the refrigerator once they have cooled. Once they’re done, warm them in the oven.