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Are Business Cards Still Relevant In 2022

Consider how many items and services you use today that were not available a decade ago. Uber’s growth, the iPad’s development, and the introduction of personal assistants like Alexa have all occurred in the last 10 years.

With the quick pace of invention, it’s reasonable to wonder if some products and services are obsolete and should be abandoned. Business cards, a centuries-old product, are one of the products that has been brought into doubt.

Is it still appropriate to use business cards in 2022? After all, we now have far more options for transferring data than we did even 20 years ago. Business cards, on the other hand, are as relevant in 2022 as they were previously. Let me explain why business cards are still relevant.

1. Business Cards Are An Excellent Way To Leave A Memorable Impression

Consider the following scenario: You just had a great meeting with a potential new client. You did not, however, leave a business card with them. Even if the meeting went well and you exchanged contact information, your potential client’s mind may rapidly forget about it. Things are lost or forgotten easily in our hectic life and overflowing inboxes.

If you had given them a business card, though, they might remember to contact you again. Giving clients something tangible to remember you by is valuable, and a business card is a great way to keep them thinking about you and lay the groundwork for future business. It also guarantees that they always have your contact information on hand.

2. Business cards can be used as marketing tools as well.

Marketing your company is difficult and costly. Your business cards, on the other hand, are a terrific marketing tool at a low cost. While many people think of business cards as a way to make a good first impression or provide contact information, they can be so much more.

Business cards have come a long way in terms of design. The days of flimsy paper cards that all looked the same are over. You now have more possibilities for business card design than ever before.

Consider your business card as an additional marketing tool; when you do, the value proposition appears to be much better. The design of your business cards is critical when it comes to using them as a marketing tool.

An excellent business card design will convey all of the necessary information to your clients, be eye-catching, and promote your brand. Designers in Printing Press in Dubai understand this critical importance.

In addition, we’ve seen a lot of companies get really creative with their business cards, making them work as appointment cards, promo cards, discount cards, and other things. With business cards, the sky is the limit, and we’re always happy to collaborate with you on new ideas.

3. You Can Project a Professional Image Using Business Cards

Appearances do matter in business. There’s a reason why many salespeople wear suits and real estate brokers drive excellent cars: seeming successful and professional can help you gain clients’ trust.

Another technique to demonstrate to consumers that you are a business expert and that they can entrust their business to you is to hand out business cards.

Business cards follow the same principle. According to a survey, 72 percent of people rate a company based on its business cards’ quality. Consider your business card to be a mirror of your company—a tool to promote your brand and gain client trust.

You may make a lasting first impression on your clients by using the correct design and construction techniques. One in which you demonstrate that you will go above and beyond to meet their demands.

Innovation in business cards

As previously said, we live in an era of widespread invention, and business cards have been no exception. We print business cards on plastic at Printing Press in Dubai, which allows you to have additional design options such as bespoke shapes, clear cards, metallic components, embossing, and more. Today’s business cards can be as distinctive as your company, allowing you to stand out among the crowd.

However, the evolution of business cards does not end there. Near-field communication (NFC) technology is used in the newest business card innovation. You may quickly communicate vital information to your clients’ smartphones with NFC business cards. NFC business cards can be used to communicate information such as contact information, social media profiles, websites, and even directions to your business.

Business Cards Relevance:

Business cards often include a company’s main contact information. However, marketers have transformed these modern cards into a powerful tool for attracting customers. Today, business cards are used to establish a quick first impression on the recipients.

When shaking hands with a possible client, most corporate officials keep some cards in their pockets and distribute them. Cards are useful for promoting your firm at a trade show, conference, or meeting.

To beat the competition, marketers use business cards as part of their branding strategy. The cards don’t just have your contact information on them, such your email address, phone number, and website address.

Using business card templates, clever strategists transform the cards into eye-catching designs. A company’s image is enhanced by its design. Every design aspect on the card, such as color, typography, space, image, and brand, is strategically placed to achieve the desired effect. Printing Press in Dubai are proficient at this.

Business cards provide a window into a company’s potential product or service quality for clients and general customers. Some obvious facts demonstrate the importance.

According to a survey, the quality of a company’s business card influences 72 percent of people’s opinions about it.

Personal Touch:

Clients receive more than contact information when they receive a business card. Exchanging these cards requires a lot of handshakes. Both parties express their gratitude and greetings.

They also have a wonderful time communicating and have a good connection. In a friendly environment, they give their contact information via cards. This friendliness aids in the development of a client relationship.

However, don’t overlook the importance of card quality. While distributing the cards with personal warmth is important, the cards’ high quality substance and design serve as a reminder of your professionalism to your clientele.

A well-designed and appealing business card catches the eye and creates a positive image of the company. A firm emblem, tastefully displayed company information, and the appropriate brand colors and typeface all contribute to the card’s professional appearance. It allows buyers to remember a brand.

Business cards are quite important in various cultures. Cards are a part of their daily routine for them. When someone gives you a business card in Hong Kong, for example, you must reciprocate by offering your business card. If you don’t reveal your card, you’ll most likely lose the client.

Clients in Japan, for example, look at the quality of your business card material to determine how efficiently you operate your business and conduct yourself.

As a result, it’s clear that your business’s card can make or destroy it. If the card material is too thin, or the design fails to impress them, you will lose a lot of consumers.

Make it a networking tool by using it.

In today’s digital environment, most businesses take place digitally. This has made a significant contribution to the expansion of the company network. You can instantly communicate with hundreds of people via email and other methods.

However, meeting customers in person is no longer an option. There is no substitute for face-to-face networking, which has long been the tried-and-true method of establishing connections.

In order to create chances, business cards are essential. Due to the power of personal networking, they can help improve sales. Keep in mind that your company can develop a true brand identity by following a solid networking strategy. Business cards are quite useful for establishing a network of personal connections.

These are the main reasons why businesses of all sizes should utilize business cards to help them develop.

However, the outcome will be determined by your ability to fully utilize the cards’ potential for network creation. If you can include them into your overall marketing strategy, they are absolutely effective marketing tools.


Despite technological advances, business cards remain indispensable. No amount of automation, it appears, will be able to take their place.

Today’s business cards are far more modern and relevant to the needs of today’s customers. In reality, by utilizing the most recent innovations in business cards, you may impress your consumers, differentiate your company, and provide information to customers in the most convenient manner possible.

In today’s virtual age, business cards have maintained their importance. Clients benefit from the cards since they help to develop a close personal contact. It’s a marketing strategy for building trust, establishing a brand, and communicating a message to potential customers.

Business cards, despite the fact that many products are becoming obsolete, are still in use. Printing Press in Dubai has you covered if you’re looking for unique business cards to help your company stand out. Please contact us if you have any questions about how business cards might benefit your company or if you’re ready to start designing your own bespoke business cards; we’re always pleased to assist.

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