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Application benefits for an insurance company

This brings great benefits to business: automation of work processes, reducing the burden on managers, operational data verification, and interconnection with services.

Of course, developing applications for ATT insurance companies has financial benefits. Attracting new customers, retaining regular ones, introducing loyalty programs, increasing the average bill, and selling additional services. All these possibilities are easy to realize with the help of modern technologies.

The opportunity to buy an insurance policy online, and get detailed information about the type of insurance will be appreciated by any client. The application removes objections and the client is more likely to use insurance services.

Mobile applications for insurance companies are a powerful tool for promoting services, attracting customers, and setting yourself apart from competitors.

Mobile app functionality

  • Card or personal account of the client, where he can get all the information;
  • catalog of insurance company services;
  • ordering an insurance policy online;
  • a map showing the location of the company’s offices;
  • chat with a consultant or an emergency agent call button;
  • information block with useful recommendations, company news;
  • photo-video gallery tools with the ability to upload your data;
  • online document management;
  • payment instruments;
  • integration with third-party services;
  • emergency call buttons.

You can implement absolutely any function in the application. We study in detail the scope of your business and the characteristics of the company and offer the best set of tools for creating a high-quality application.

We create mobile applications with a guarantee

Use all the advantages of mobile applications: automate your routine, and reduce costs. Our experts will select the best solution specifically for your business.

Application examples for insurance companies

  • Medicare’s. This is a marketplace where users can make mutual insurance in various fields of activity. Smart contracts provide a guarantee of data protection and a low likelihood of fraud.
  • Alpha Insurance Mobile. An application that replaces a mountain of documents. Get an insurance policy, register, and it will always be at hand. Notifications will remind you of the expiration date, there is a call to the manager, emergency communication with the insurance company, and other tools.
  • ImpaCare. The application for health insurance, which maintains a patient’s card, collects all documents, and medical history. Convenient service for those who are worried about their health and always insure it.

Mobile applications for insurance companies are an additional sales tool and help promote business, easily interact with customers, and provide better services. We will develop for you a unique application that will perform the tasks.

Stages of developing an application for insurance

  1. Analytics. First, we discuss the project and define tasks and goals, after which analysts collect all the data. It is important to assess the prospects, study competitors, and the business area, understand the application development strategy for the insurance company, and study the needs of customers. Based on these data, a work plan is drawn up.
  2. Prototype. A prototype is being developed, with the help of which you can understand how the development of applications for insurance companies will take place, what functions will be implemented, and how the application will look in the end.
  3. Design. Specialists create the visual part, as well as develop the interface. All elements must be clear, the functions are accessible, and the user can intuitively understand how to use insurance services through the application.
  4. Development. Programmers write code and implement the ideas of designers. They work according to a clear technical task and select the optimal technology stack.
  5. Test and launch. After development, testing is carried out, if there are problems, they are immediately eliminated, if everything is fine, the mobile application is launched. We help to unload it on the platforms, train employees to use it, and bring it to full launch.

Our goal is to provide an effective service for the insurance company that will benefit customers and businesses.

Development of applications for insurance companies in Wezom

Wezom employs experienced professionals. A well-coordinated system of interaction allows you to create mobile applications for insurance companies quickly and efficiently. Every specialist knows what to do. Many can work in parallel, speeding up development. Turning to us you get:

  • warranty technical support;
  • training insurance company employees to use the interface;
  • full reporting, no hidden or secret payments, openness in work;
  • implementation of projects of any complexity, the introduction of modern technologies;
  • development of an interface that will be relevant for a long time;
  • an integrated approach to problem-solving.


Application development for insurance companies is an important step in business scaling and interaction between the company and the client. The sphere is competitive and highly specialized, so the introduction of modern technologies will increase opportunities, attract more new customers and simplify their interaction with the company. Call us at Wezom and get detailed advice on how to implement mobile applications for insurance companies in your business.


Why does an insurance company need a mobile application?

This is a tool for additional sales and attracting new customers. An increase in the average check, the sale of additional services, a reminder of the expiration date of insurance, and online purchase of an insurance policy.

What mobile applications of insurance companies can do?

It all depends on the functionality that will be included in the application. Many applications for insurance companies have the following features: calling an agent, renewing insurance online, maintaining an account, collecting documents, collecting photos and videos, and calling emergency services. Also in the application, you can get expert advice, get answers to your questions. This is a tool for interaction between the client and the business, which helps the insurance company to become open and understandable to everyone.

How much does it cost to develop a mobile application for insurance companies?

The cost depends on what functions will be implemented, how many users are meant, and how many integrations with other services will be. More than 50 different factors affect the price. We will be able to make more detailed calculations when we discuss the project and understand the tasks.

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