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Apostille Attestation Oman Is Not an Easy Task

In case the intended country is the Hague convention's member, then there is a need to follow the apostille authentication. Oman is the Hague convention's part, and thus, the apostille authentication is required for being done the certificates like diploma, TC, birth, marriage, degree, SSLC, mark sheets, A level, death, HSC, etc. The apostille process fails to be for all certificates the same. Each certificate differs, and it is up to the country in which the certificates are mainly issued. For applying apostille attestation Oman there is a need for the passport copy and original certificate. From the home country, the Oman apostille is required to be done, and the certificate was issued.


1. Vital / Non-Educational Certificates

  • For the child admission mainly to the school through a transfer certificate.
  • For children, wife, and in-laws the obtaining of residence visa.

2. For getting the experience certificate to be attested

  • Must be required by a pharmacist, doctors, lab technician, nurses, etc. for writing the DOH and MOH.

3. Power of Memorandum / Article of Association or Attorney

  • Company registration.
  •  To open a Bank account.
  •  In the home country, the LLC partnership removal was offered to partners that failed to wish the extend the partnership.

4. Education Certificates

  • For most of the designation, do obtain a labor card/employment visa.
  •  By technicians, pharmacists, doctors, laboratory, nurses, etc. the examination like dept. of health and ministry of health be written.

Get apostille

One must scrutinize the legal authentication service's specifications while looking. An ideal agency does have the experts for certificate authentication handling just the possible errors be intercepted. At PEC, the apostille services are well duties and do have knowledgeable and professional functioning mainly behind the company. There is a need of prioritizing the client's ease and do insure to offer them. The PEC is well recognized for carrying out the legalization process, and to the clients, they are reliable for the quality services delivered.


For Oman, the authentication procedure is quite time-consuming as it is generally an indirect procedure. Through several certification stages, the certificate goes through until it receives a sticker from MEA. The external affairs ministry is a branch mainly applying the MEA stamp on a particular certificate. To RPOs in 15 cities and branch secretariats are got distribution for this process.

  • Regional level- The verification stage can be done by the university from where the issuing of documents was done.
  • State government- The certificate verification from the state is mainly carried out by three distinctive departments, as per the document type requirement.
  • Apostille- A sticker is provided by MEA, which comprises the applicant's other details like a name.


It can be concluded that an apostille is mainly a certificate authenticating the origin of commercial, education, or personal documents like birth certificate attestation for Oman. The apostille is only issued for documents being issued in one's party country to the apostille convention. Generally, they are used in another country as it is a party to the convention.

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