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Allscripts EMR VS Healthland Centriq: Which solution is better for your organization’s needs?

Allscripts EMR VS Healthland Centriq

Nowadays, technological advances in healthcare provide a historic opportunity to improve the quality and cost of care. A few years ago medical records could be acquired only by larger hospitals and healthcare systems, but nowadays single providers like physicians would like to implement these systems as well. This is why it becomes more and more important to choose the right software that can support any healthcare organization.

I’m sure you’re asking yourself how different Allscripts EMRs and Healthland Centriq are.

Is there some important distinction between the two?

What exactly is the difference between them?

These are just a few questions that are running through your mind right now. Choosing healthcare IT system is a little bit different from other IT systems you may be familiar with. As it could affect your patients’ health, security, and privacy of their data, choosing the right one is very important.

Allscripts EMR and Healthland Centriq are two of the best EMRs on the market and in this blog, we are comparing both companies so that you can make a well-informed decision about which one suits your company best.

Well, for starters.

What is Allscripts EMR?

Allscripts EMR is a web-based, fully integrated software for electronic medical record management. This software offers clinical, financial and connectivity tools to help healthcare professionals deliver patient care.

Allscripts EMR can support the clinical and financial workflows of a practitioner. The software also provides patients access to their health records and other information. Allscripts EMR can be used on any device with an internet browser, this makes it more accessible for both patients and doctors.

What are Allscripts EMR Features?

1. Support for multiple devices:

Allscripts EMR can be used on any device with an internet browser, this makes it more accessible for both patients and doctors.

2. Clinical decision support:

The software uses AI technology to provide the best possible treatment options based on the patient’s condition.

3. Cloud-based:

Allscripts EMR can easily be accessed anywhere without needing to install in local computers or servers, all you need is an active internet connection.

4. Patient engagement:

The software enables doctors to maintain contact with their patients through emails, messages and phone calls.

What is Healthland Centriq?

Healthland Centriq is known for its advanced scheduling options that help ensure improved patient satisfaction rates at clinics and hospitals using it. The system allows patients to schedule appointments online via an internet portal, making it more convenient to stay in touch with their doctors while helping to improve staff efficiency and reduce operating costs.

The system focuses on providing improved patient services with features such as appointment scheduling, patient check-in, registration, diagnosis and treatment notes. Healthland Centriq also supports electronic medical records (EMR) certification for Meaningful Use Stage 1 (MU1).

What is Healthland Centriq Features?

Some of Healthland Centriq’s key features include:

  1. Patient management tools for scheduling appointments, patient check-in and registration
  1. Clinical documentation tools for recording diagnosis notes, treatment notes and more
  1. Giving a prescription to patients.
  1. Billing tools for customizing charge tickets, creating claim files and more
  1. Electronic medical records (EMR) certification for Meaningful Use Stage 1 (MU1)
  1. Useful for lab integration

As we discussed above, both Healthland Centriq and Allscripts EMR come to answer the question Is there some important distinction between the two?

Comparing The Two: Allscripts EMR VS Healthland Centriq

Allscripts EMR and Healthland Centriq are both great options for medical practices to consider when looking for an electronic medical record (EMR) software solution.

However, the two products have some very different strengths. If your organization is looking for a solution that’s geared toward bigger healthcare facilities like hospitals and nursing homes, Allscripts EMR is worth considering. The software is powerful and well-suited to handling large amounts of patient data at once.

Healthland Centriq, on the other hand, is more focused on smaller health care facilities like private practices and small clinics. Healthland Centriq can be used as a stand-alone software solution or it can integrate with the existing software that you already have in place.

One of the biggest differences between Healthland Centriq and Allscripts EMR is that the latter has more robust reporting capabilities while the former offers more flexibility in its user interfaces.

In A Nutshell…

With the variety of systems available, choosing the best software for your organization can be difficult. When considering all of the features doctors are looking for in a practice management system and how those features will integrate with all other aspects of your organization, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Still, making a smart decision about which platform is best for your organization will lead to positive results in the long run. To help streamline your research process and make it easier to choose the best fit for you, we’ve compared Allscripts EMR and Healthland Centriq so that you can develop a better idea of each program’s capabilities.

Allscripts EMR reviews

User Ratings & Reviews according to Software Advice:

Overall Rating

2.84 / 5 (128)


  • The ability to integrate and maintain quality patient care.
  • An easy way to keep track of patients, insurance plans, and other patient information.


  • 3 new URLs in the past six months have required all staff members to update their computers’ web browsers.
  • My subscription ended in 2013 but I’m still getting the bills.

Healthland Centriq reviews

Comparatively speaking Healthland Centriq doesn’t have remarkable user ratings and reviews however, according to itqlick:

Overall Rating

2.8 / 5


  • You won’t have to worry about charting or updating patient records with Healthland.
  • All the information is available online through the interface, which has an intuitive design and a homepage that makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.


  • The software was pretty difficult and took a lot of time.
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