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All You Need to Know About Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Prime Account

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is an online multiplayer first-person POV developed in 2012 developed by Valve and Hidden Path. The game pits two teams, the terrorists and the counter-terrorists, against each other in a fight for survival. It is the fourth game in the counter-strike series of games. Since its release nine years ago, it has become the most liked and played online game in the world, headlining several competitive gaming tournaments and selling over 25 million units worldwide. The game has also won several awards, including fan’s choice eSports Game of the Year at The Game Awards 2015, and has generated 414 million USD in 2018.

Popularity and Worth of CS: GO Game

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, which pushed people to stay at home, many turned to video gaming as a source of entertainment. In March 2021, the peak concurrent players on Steam were at 1.2 million players, and it has developed a cult following. In February 2020, CS: GO had 24 million active users, which is more than doubt of May 2016. While millions of gamers have fun playing the game, millions more watch official tournaments online. With such a large fan base, it should not come as a surprise that these eSports tournaments are big money. The annual cumulative prize pool for the game in 2019 stood at 21.77 million USD, making gamers eligible for big paydays if they do well in these tournaments.

The matchmaking system of CS: GO includes various factors that determine who matches with who. Apart from trust factors, other features such as Prime Status are important factors that add to its value. This article will help you, the readers, discover all there is to know about Prime Status in CS: GO, how to get it, and its value to the CS: GO experience.

Prime Status in CSGO

The Prime Feature is used to verify player accounts. It was designed to improve matchmaking quality by separating ordinary and “lawful” players from Smurfs – those who have a lot of experience yet play on low-rank accounts and those who use illegal software to play and advance in the game. Verified accounts have a better and more pleasant gaming experience than unverified accounts and are eligible for additional bonuses. The good news is that the Prime Status is assigned to a phone number and not to a Steam account or game. This allows for the gamer to transfer the CSGO Prime accounts for sale to another by transferring the phone number. Having a Prime account means matching with others who have a Prime account. This means better and less toxic players will be around you and the chances of win rate and overall experience with CS: GO increase.

How to Get a Prime Account?

There are two ways to add Prime Status to your CS: GO account. One is to purchase it. You can search for CS: GO account for sale and buy it for the price indicated against it. Sometimes, the costs are discounted, particularly during the sales season. For instance, if you play the game on Steam, you can go to the Steam store menu and add it to the cart. This will enable the Prime Status straight away. Once enabled, the Prime Status cannot be removed. There is also no reason to remove Prime Status as it provides a safer matchmaking and gaming environment for you and your opponents.  

The second way is to play CS: GO regularly and reach a rank of level 21. Those who reach that level are guaranteed a Prime Status. To reach that level, you’ll have to get good at the game and put in a few hours every day. Most people end up buying it to avail all the benefits that come with Prime Status without putting much effort. The next section will explore the benefits of a CS: GO Prime account.

Advantages of Prime Account

If you are a new player and wonder if you should spring for a Prime Status or continue using a free account, this section will help you decide. Though, one needs to remember that free doesn’t offer many features as a paid account. The same is true for CS: GO, which offers many benefits that positively affect gameplay.

  • Better Experience: The prime advantage of Prime Status is it improves the quality of the gaming experience significantly. It provides a better chance of an even match. It will make it more likely to find a friendly player with similar skill sets.
  • Fewer Chances of Cheating: The chance of encountering those who use illegal software reduces significantly with a Prime Status. There is a better chance of meeting honest players with a Prime account.
  • Access to Servers: Prime Status holders are eligible to use all servers managed by the community, including those secured by VAC.
  • Additional Bonuses: Lastly, Prime Status accounts have exclusive access to in-game items such as souvenirs, skins and mailboxes, and various bonuses.

I hope this article has convinced you to get a Prime account for your CS: GO game. By doing so, you will be opening doors to a better experience and many benefits that come along with it.

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