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Alaska Bear Viewing Trips By Boat: What Should You Expect?

A trip northward will help you to travel to Alaska, the location known for its unrivaled scenic beauty and abundance of wildlife. You may take some time to get used to the awe-inspiring sight of snow-clad peaks, lush greenery, and fast-flowing rivers teeming with fish. Ask the young ones in your group, and you will find all agreeing on one point. Yes!  Chinitna Bay bear viewing is definitely on the cards, and how? 

Admittedly, you will be a trifle scared at the thought of being up close and personal with the gigantic wild creature. No worries! The guided tour operator will advise you about the various dos and don’ts. You can relax and feast your eyes at the same time. 

Sure, you can fly to ensure successful bear-watching Alaska, but a boat trip comes with its pluses too. For one, you get to experience the habitat and would be able to view the massive creatures attending to their necessities. 

While a trip by airplane will present you with a limited vision as you fly past the lush forests and watch the bears ambling around from above. The miniature-sized creatures you view from the top will not enthuse you a bit, nor will be able to watch them properly. True, you will be able to enjoy a panoramic view but is that enough?

Book a boat trip instead and enjoy watching the beautiful marine life as you go past the colourful fish, sea lions, and seals. Do not be surprised if you encounter a whale or two en route to the site famous for bear viewing Alaska either. 

You will be further elated to learn that the cloud cover and low visibility are not going to end in the cancelation of the much-awaited trip. A boat ride is something that you will never forget once you watch the many surprises of interior Alaska unfold before your eyes. 

It is advisable to check out the available bear viewing tours in Alaska before finalizing one that matters. Make sure to speak with other visitors who had taken the tour before and learn about their experiences too. The reviews could be a deciding factor, but the thrill of finding a group of bears huddled together is unforgettable. Plus, you get an opportunity of digging for clams and might find it an invigorating sporting activity. That is not all. 

You may come across a few bears engaged in the activity too. Do watch from afar but never interrupt them for a photo session. 

Feel free to ask for advice from the experienced guide too. The way you dress or behave around bears has a tremendous impact on the success of the tour and on eliminating the associated dangers. Grizzly bear viewing Alaska is guaranteed when you embark on a boat trip instead of flying over the Katmai National forest. While most tourists are elated to find 3-5 bears during the trip, you may find more than 10 when you change the viewing locations on the advice of the experienced guide.