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Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Gaming

In today’s society, men, women, and even children have different kinds of entertainment such as sports, shopping, outdoor sports, and even online games. Playing games on the internet is becoming more popular with the help of youngsters. A lot of parents disapprove of online gaming because they see it as a distraction in their child’s education. Despite the negative comments that online games get, it still has a couple of advantages for kids and their parents.


It is quite obvious that online games are more convenient compared to other games. While other games such as those present in arcades, require kids to go to a different place, online players need not leave their own house because they can easily play as long as their computers have an internet connection. Players can even play outside without having to move all the time.

They can play several games like Skyrim just by making a couple of clicks. Internet games are also simpler than other games because there is no need to create room for the game to start. Laptops and tablets make online gaming even more convenient because they can bring them anywhere unlike home PC.

Single or Multiplayer

Online games give players several options, one of which is they can opt to play alone or with a team, unlike some traditional games that can only be played by two players or more. Kids can now enjoy playing even if their friends are not available. They can also connect with other people from all over the world online.

Less Expensive

Another good thing about internet games is that you can invite other people to join you and it is also as simple as clicking away on a laptop. Playing online games today is cheaper than others games because most games online are free downloadable and even can be hacked for convenience. If you want to hack games first visit the website to read the article Subway Surfers hack. It will give you all the basic guidelines about hacking.

People can benefit from the advantages mentioned above only if online playing is done the right way. Keep in mind that anything done in excess is never going to be a good thing.

Disadvantages of Online Gaming

A lot of parents have discouraged their children from playing online games. This can be attributed to the fact that it can lead to playing addiction. Sad, but true. The key, therefore, is moderation. Here are some of the disadvantages of online gaming.

Online Gaming Addiction

It is very easy to gain access to online gaming which is why getting addicted to it is no longer new. The addiction that online games bring can be severe because some players would play continuously, skip meals, and focused on computer screens the whole day. Excessive playing may influence children negatively in physical and mental ways. Because it can be so addicting, it may also lead to gambling problems.

There is nothing wrong with playing online games as long it is in a controlled environment. Supervised and guided playing should be implemented in the case of young children as they can easily get lost and lose track of time, forgetting school stuff and other home responsibilities that are tasked to them at home as well as at school. But then again, adults should keep this in mind, too. The important thing is to understand the benefits as well as the consequences that online games bring. Proper guidance and care for children are needed to balance their education and their leisure time.

Lack of Physical Activities

Playing online means that the player will be probably sitting for hours and hours. The lack of physical exercise can have bad effects, especially on teenagers and kids because it makes them less active and they communicate less with other people. To know about other disadvantages of playing online games visit the site

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