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A Comprehensive Guide to different kinds of Flats

If you are planning to buy a property, you may have come across the term ‘BHK’. It’s like 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK, etc. Let us understand the full form of ‘BHK’ so that it can help you to buy 2 Bhk flats for sale in Dharuhera. The full form of BHK is ‘Bedroom, hall and kitchen’ in a unit.

So, if a property is 2BHK it means it has two bedrooms, one hall, and one kitchen. But if you are planning to buy 2 BHK ready to move in flats in Dharuhera then you should also consider a number of toilets and balconies.

So, if you are planning to buy a flat, there are multiple reasons that can alter your decisions. There are innumerable property options that are available like;

One Room and Kitchen

The basic one. It has one room and a kitchen along with a toilet in the bathroom and an optional balcony. There is no scope for the hall. If you already have a property, you can consider 1RK for renting purposes because it is high in demand as it is an affordable option. In Delhi NCR, you can easily get up to 8-9 thousand for these kinds of flats

Two bedrooms one hall and one Kitchen

This is considered a 2BHK flat wherein we have two bedrooms, one hall, and one kitchen and balcony as per the builder’s customization. A reputed builder usually gives the option of attached bathrooms for each bedroom but it is completely up to the square feet area. Some builders provide 2BHK in 1300sqft and some provide within 800-900sqft. So, you should consider the carpet area and covered area before choosing a flat. Moreover, when it comes to renting, 2BHK is also one of the most preferred options because it is ideal for a family. The rent is usually nominal (10,000-15,000) according to the condition of the flat.

Three Bedrooms one hall and one Kitchen

This is considered as 3BHK. If you are buying for yourself, this is one of the best options you can choose. The flat has 3 Bedrooms, one hall, and one kitchen. Usually, there are two bathrooms in the unit out of which one is common and the other is separate. But some builders give you the option of three bathrooms too. As these flats are generally high in rental, they are mostly used for leasing for the companies that have employees who are transferrable. For example, if a bank manager is transferred from Mumbai to Gurugram, the bank will offer him the 3BHK for him and his family. So, you can enjoy the benefit of long-term leasing even if your flat is vacant.

Four Bedrooms one hall and one Kitchen

This is considered as 4BHK. These flats have spacious 4 rooms, one hall, one kitchen (maybe two), multiple bathrooms, and huge balconies. These flats are for joint families or for the people who have a good budget and want spacious and airy homes. These flats are generally rented by those tenants who have their own property in some other location but due to work or business exigencies, they have to live in another city. The rental amount of these flats can go up to 40,000-50,000 depending upon the amenities and location.


All the above-mentioned flats categories are according to the requirements of the buyer. If the planned property is your first property, then we consider you to slightly increase your budget and stretch it to at least 2BHK because the property is all about a one-time investment. There are many 2 Bhk flats for sale in Dharuhera and 2 BHK ready to move in flats in Dharuhera are available at affordable rates and you can easily choose any of them according to your requirements.