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A complete guide to Jaisalmer camping


No matter how many gorgeous places you visit after it, the beauty and warmth of Rajasthani customs stay with you…

Possibilities for camping

Whenever it comes to camping in the Rajasthan deserts, you have a wide variety of options.

The iconic camping sites near Sam Sand Dunes, complete with a fully equipped tent and a route that takes you into the desert in all its beauty. Then there are the off-the-beaten-path camps, which show Jaisalmer in its natural state.

The former is frequently recommended owing to the assurance of safety and a similar vacation experience. We’d pick the later option, which includes a basic bed on the desert and no tent canvas to impede your view of the night sky.

The Best Hotels in Jaisalmer

Staying in a luxurious tent is without a doubt the greatest way to experience Jaisalmer. The desert camps in Jaisalmer are generally located around the Sam Sand Dunes, along the main roadways. They are about 45 minutes from Jaisalmer, where you will see a large throng of people riding camels to witness the breathtaking sunset.

Apart from the Sam Sand Dunes, additional areas with camping amenities include Khuri and Barna villages, all of which are about an hour’s drive southwest of Jaisalmer. It is a genuine destination to visit because the villages are less developed and busy.

It’s a must-see!

The cultural programmes held during the campfires are a must-see. This brings the camping excursion in Jaisalmer to a close. Local men and women dressed in traditional Rajasthani garb dance to the rhythms of their famed folk music.

They sing something along the lines of “Padharo Mhare Desh” to welcome you to their land. And there’s no way you won’t be dancing to the tunes.

The colours and the campfire all contribute to the atmosphere. Then, while staring at the boundless stars glittering above you, finish the night with a plate of their original feast.

No matter how many gorgeous places you visit after it, the beauty and warmth of Rajasthani customs stay with you.

What to consider while shopping for summer camps

It’s still crucial to do your homework on the camp you choose to stay at. Even if we serve as facilitators, personal certainty adds a great deal to the journey.

Damodra desert camp, The Serai, Prince desert camp, and others are among the camps in the area. A nice location that is matched to your preferences and the audience makes the encounter even more enjoyable.

In any case, the Maharaja state’s sand dunes are likely to exceed your expectations.

Jeep rides, dune bashing, camel safaris, campfires, desert sports, and stargazing are among the things that come with thumb tacking your Jaisalmer camping plans.

Safari with camels

Almost all camel safaris provide a path that is tailored to your preferences. The overnight options, which include a camel ride, sunset viewing, supper beneath the stars, and riding back while watching the sunrise, are highly recommended.

Additionally, there are other possibilities such as returning from the journey the same day or going on the ride for up to 30 days. If you check the latter, be prepared for someone’s aches as well as an incredible experience. This is a pretty regular occurrence. For individuals who are not used to it, camel rides with no stops and for lengthy periods of time might be a bit unpleasant.

The prices vary depending on the selections. The longer the journey, the more food preparations must be made. This all adds up to a little more than the standard 1-2 day camel treks. The majority of the packages do not exceed 2000 Rs for a full day camel safari.

Quad biking, zip line, body zorbing, horseback riding, and archery are just a few of the adventurous sports available. You can sign up for all of them together or individually.

In Jaisalmer, take a Jeep Safari.

Yes, if you want to go on a long-distance safari through the desert winds, a jeep safari is the best option. The jeeps provide an incredible thrill ride across the glistening sand. The open-top jeeps allow you to travel closer to the undiscovered beauty of the Thar Desert’s dunes. The jeep safari lets you see areas like the Sam Sand Dunes, the Desert National Park, and the Padholi Sanctuary, among others.

Other important activities may be enjoyed in addition to the many forms of desert safari attractions. Quad biking and dune bashing are accessible at the Sam Sand Dunes, which are also a popular Sahara Desert activity.

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