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8 Ways to Splurge When Designing Custom Homes

Building your dream home lets you embark on the path where you rediscover your personality and know where exactly you need to live. The investment for a custom home is pretty huge, so be mindful about the things going right, especially during the construction. One of the reasons to go for a custom-made house is that it embodies every little detail and the aspects you want to include. To begin with, you need to set a budget. Once you have the budget readied, it’s time to check the areas where you can splurge. There is no denying that the cost of a successful custom home escalates to a great extent but spending on things that lend your property the long-term value is money-worthy. So, if you are already looking into Kelowna new homes for sale, be sure of the aspects where splurging for customization makes real sense.

1. Hiring a builder

Does it sound too naïve? No, it doesn’t. Most people having a custom-made house on their wish list cut corners when hiring a builder. But do you realize that the work of home builders is the key to adding value to your home?  It ensures that your property is built keeping in mind the highest standards and comes with exquisite levels of workmanship to become an attention-grabbing house in the neighborhood. If you want to turn your reverie of home building into reality, be sure to hire someone with exceptional qualities and experience in constructing houses based on personalized concepts.

2. Kitchen

The kitchen for many is the heart and soul of a property.  This area is special for the family, especially for cooking and dining together. You can also entertain guests if you turn it into one of the most expensive areas of the house. When investing a lot in customizing the kitchen, be sure that it meets the long-term requirements of the family. Large families usually need bigger kitchens, so if you have a big family, a nicely-designed kitchen may help you include the desired amount of aesthetics and make it a place where you will love looking at the family meals.

3. Floors

Flooring is one of those aspects that leave most people puzzled. When faced with an array of options, they are most likely to feel overwhelmed. But if you have the budget to splurge on your custom home, try to use top-grade floors as it will impact the look and the resale value of the property. You may choose wooden flooring or laminate tiles of the highest standards. For the shower room and the kitchen, the floor you choose must be moisture-resistant. Why don’t you talk to Dilworth Homes, the Kelowna home builder known for constructing some of the noteworthy homes in Tower Ranch and Hunters Hill? They will address your needs and recommend the best flooring options to make the property one-of-a-kind.

4. Outdoor area

The first encounter with the house begins with the outdoor space. So, you can readily splurge on this area. If you invite family and friends over for entertainment in the outdoor area, make sure to add a lot of comfort while retaining the value. For those outdoor get together and parties, a perfect ambiance is what you need. With endless possibilities for customization, the outdoor area may get a much-needed makeover and turn opulent. A pool, an outdoor kitchen with a grill, a lavishly-designed patio, and a speaker system are the things that may add zeal to the outdoor space.

5. Storage space

This one sounds rather uncanny. Of all the things, do you need to overindulge when designing the storage space? The storage space may not symbolize a pandemonium. You may add more closets, wardrobes, shelves, or overhead racks to organize the things you store. The orderliness of the storage space makes it stay functional for several years.

6. Room size

Once the home building is complete and you find the bedrooms to be claustrophobic and small, a home addition may help. But who wants to change the architecture of a newly-built property unless it is that urgent. So, you need to keep the builder across the table and ask them about the ideal size of the room with the inclusions you prefer. Besides, you can change or update the finishes if you have already chosen one of the Tower Ranch homes for sale.

7. Crown molding

If you are yet to decide what to add to give your house a luxurious feel, crown molding is the answer. You can change the trim options and make your home style more contemporary.

8. Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the high-traffic areas of your house. So, make sure that every inch of it is decorated to suit your lifestyle. From storage to fixtures and finishes, spending more on the bathroom reduces the burden of replacing it down the line.

If you want the custom-made home to be the ultimate haven of luxury, know where to indulge and save to create a striking balance. You can manage your budget while splurging if you choose a good builder with a robust experience.