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8 Successful business ideas in Dubai for Ladies

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In today’s century, women are no longer stay behind from mans. They are powerful enough to work as much as a man can do being stay in their limits and boundaries. However, we can see a lot of women entrepreneurs in today’s era. And they are actually working great in business world. If you are also a person who dream to own your venture in Dubai. But confused if I could do it being a woman or not than let me tell you the truth. You can do a successful business in Dubai. If there is a will and passion a person can achieve anything in this world irrespective of gender and age. Business setup in Dubai is one of the easiest and seamless process. So, avail this amazing opportunity and set up your dream business in the city of gold.

Successful Business ideas in Dubai for ladies:

There are plenty of options for ladies to start up their business in Dubai that has a great ratio of growth. Here is the list of amazing business setups for young entrepreneurs in UAE.

  1. Event management or event planner
  2. Freelancing (content or copy writing, video editing company)
  3. Food catering business
  4. Photography
  5. Clothing business
  6. Mehndi services
  7. Make-up Artist
  8. Flower or bouquet shops
  9. Social media management services
  10. Health or wellness consultancy

Now let me explain all the above-mentioned categories to give a wider perspective for our readers.

Event planner or organizer:

This is one of the most demanding and well-paid business setups in Dubai. Because of all year-round profusion tourism, ceremonies, and events in this region. Many people love to do destination wedding here in Dubai because of all the luxury and facilities this city has to offer. Also, this field required particular skill set that woman are usually blessed with. As a home maker and multi-talented person, they can do event management quite well as compared to men.


If you are a computer or technology addict. Then this is one of the most stable and growth able business idea for you. As per the increased in digital needs most companies or agencies required writers and creative content creator for their businesses so they could hire you for long- or short-term projects.

Food business:

Cooking delicious food that stay forever on taste buds is one of the basic requirements of this business. And women are usually proficient in this field. So, this could be great marginable business for every lady. Also, as Dubai is the business hub, and many bachelors live there. Moreover, they prefer and crave for home cooked food so this could become your specialty.

Professional photography:

If you know how to handle camera to snap a normal moment captured in a way or angle to make it extra ordinary than this business is your good to go option. This skill can bring you huge profits with minimum investment.

Clothing business:

People love to invest in nice clothing. And it is rare to find unique and traditional clothing here in Dubai. So, if you know how to design and tailor outfits then this field can bring you handsome amount in your wallet.

Henna and make-up services:

This is one of the greatest treats for girls. And many tourists and locals love to use henna tattoos from professional mehndi artists. If you are good at it, you can start up your business as henna artist and earn fair money. Also, if you are a good make-up artist you can combine these two and provide henna services on festive and special occasions.

Fitness trainee:

If you are professional nutritionist or fitness trainee. You can run a health and fitness center to teach and guide healthy lifestyles for the locals and travelers as well. You may require a certain permissions from authorities like LLC formation Dubai for professional license.

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