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8 Best Ways to Engage the Students in Online Classroom

As many colleges and schools have not opened yet, and due to that, professors and teachers are still taking online classes. In this way, assignments help students know more about the subject and the topic; in the same way, students can also gain immense knowledge from online classes.

Students do miss going to school and miss the environment of the school. But it is not sure when the schools and colleges are going to open full-fledged, which is why students have to attend online classes.

They are attending classes from their homes and attending these; they do not need to waste any time travelling too. But it came into the observation of teachers and professors that most of the students are unable to concentrate on online classes.

They are unable to engage. As they are not engaging, the connection needed between a teacher and a student in a class is not building. As they are not engaging, they cannot communicate with each other. This has become a severe problem for the teachers.

Because in the majority of the online classes, only the teacher talk, and the student does not until they are asked to.

Let’s discuss eight ways teachers can make their students engage in online classes.

  1. All-time interaction – Interaction is the only way to make online classes less boring. Several students are out there who do not like attending online courses. Now the reason may vary from student to student. One may say that they do not like to stare at the mobile screen for two hours. Another student may say that the teaching process is tedious.

The teacher must take the lead and need to interact with the students. For example, after explaining one topic or point, the teacher may ask the students to share their views or experience. When peer to peer interaction occurs, students will be able to engage with their online classes. The interaction will make the online course less tedious and more fun and informational for the students.

  • Avoid slides all the time – Several teachers are there who use PowerPoint slides throughout the class. It makes the online class dull, which is why students cannot engage. Teachers need to avoid teaching just with the help of PowerPoint slides throughout the class. Instead, they need to turn on their camera and speak about it. They can also show the students a few videos or photos and explain them to get their attention.
  • Active learning opportunities – While taking online classes, assign a few tasks to students. Parents or teachers may think that this will just waste the time of both the teachers and the students. But no. Rather, with the help of active learning opportunities, students will be able to engage more and interact more with others.

For example, ask them to write an essay on ‘how homework helper services work’. Ensure that the tasks you are giving to the students are short and not time-consuming. In this way, they will be able to engage, and also it will not hamper the objective of the class. Besides giving individual tasks, teachers can also ask the students to work in a group and complete the task.

  • Take help from games – Students love games, making the online learning process more enjoyable. Tell the students to ask each other questions, and if they are unable to give the correct answer, they will have to perform something for the entire class. You can also search for other games on the internet and try them out in your class.

Online education companies can add a few games to their portal so that the students can play those and learn new things according to the course they are pursuing.

  • Ask for feedback – This may happen that you as a teacher can understand the students and grab their attention. So, to know more about how the class is going, ask them for feedback.

Now, we will receive both negative and positive ones. Properly deal with them. If you cannot think of the right solution, then ask them what they want the teacher or professor to do. Asking for feedback will help you to communicate with the students too.

  • Technical support – When teachers used to use blackboards in class, the time, students could not sometimes understand what they were trying to say. For example, the teacher talks about the Roman empire, but the teacher cannot show any pictures due to the technological crisis.

That is why it is advised to the teachers who are taking online classes to please show the students pictures and videos about the subject they are teaching. Otherwise, they will not be able to grab the students’ attention. Only explanations will make the class boring, and students will start leaving the class immediately.

  • Always break down sessions – Students need to break down the module into different parts and then start the class. Breaking the module into different parts will help the students take time and focus on one topic. Do not hurry too much.

In that, you as a teacher will only be able to complete all the modules, but the students will not be able to understand a single one. Breaking down first and then proceeding. If you are a college homework helper, then you can understand how important it is for the students to take their time and learn new things.  

  • Value every student – Always try to remember the name of every student. Always appreciate their good work. Always motivate them to do good. If you value the students, they will feel familiar with the class and automatically engage in the class. Always try to find out about their interests and do something based on that. These little gestures are important to get the students’ attention and make them feel good.


These can be considered one of the best eight ways to make students engage in an online class. It is very difficult to get distracted in an online class. They are attending the class from their homes, which is one of the big reasons why sometimes they are unable to connect with the online class.

That is why it is advised to the teachers who are taking online classes to please show the students attractive visuals. The teacher must take the lead and need to interact with the students. The interaction will make the class less boring.

Teachers need to give the students short and attractive tasks. For example, students love games, which will make the online learning process more interesting, so as a teacher, you need to research this and come up with exciting games.

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