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8 Best Flashcard Apps that Help Enhance Visual Memory

If you are going to take a class that demands you to memorize a lot of knowledge regardless of your major then you must read this article to enhance your memory. Memorizing knowledge can be difficult, whether it’s historical dates, medical terminology, equations, or quotes from your professor’s preferred TV program. People have developed a wide range of systems and methods to make remembering simpler. Flashcards are one of the most effective strategies.

Are you trying to find the best flashcard apps? Finding the greatest flashcard app might be challenging because there are so many that claim to be the finest and that is available in app stores and online. We examined more than a dozen flashcard apps and selected our top 8 to save you time.

Flashcards are undoubtedly something you created on paper in school, but with the correct digital tools, they may be even more effective. Additionally, they are much simpler to maintain than a pile of paper. Most of the time students are unable to find the correct answers for their homework or exams, in that case, they may take assistance by asking someone to do my homework or assignment. 

What is a Flashcard?

One of the most well-known teaching and learning tools is the flashcard. By using this technique, we train our brains to support the active recall. Each of its two sides includes some information. The question is printed on one side, while the answer is written on the other side in clear and easy phrases. We may readily memorize the details when flipping the card.

However, these flashcards are not pretty new in technology; but as opposed to paper cards, they are simpler. On the Internet, there are a lot of flashcard apps available. Anyone may install it easily, then enter the terms to create the appropriate flashcard with questions and answers. You can use compatible devices like smartphones to flip both sides and learn the terms whenever you need to.

Are Flashcards Good for Improving Memory?

Flashcards are a great example of active recall. To properly remember and comprehend the topic at hand, you must divide the information into smaller pieces, write the question and answer, and then test yourself repeatedly. Many people can memorize new knowledge by regularly using this approach to learning. In order to stay updated with the latest technologies in education industry, TechyWired is one of the useful sites to follow.

But still, if you are having problems doing your coursework you may visit different platforms such as Scholarly Help, Cheklet, Bartleby, etc., offering effective and professional academic writing services.

Top 8 Outstanding Flashcard Apps for Visual Learning

There is an app on our list that will make your studies simpler and more efficient, whether you’re preparing for a final exam or a standardized test like the GRE or SAT.

  1. Tinycards – Flashcards by Duolingo

The well-known flashcard app Tinycards covers a considerably larger range of subjects, such as constellations, historical events, and country capitals. Flashcards can be found, made, and studied via their mobile app or online.

A strong flashcard app that enhances learning through the use of spaced repetition. With the new Tinycards app from Duolingo, you can study more than just languages. The software develops lessons using flashcards on a variety of subjects to assist you in memorizing everything from Spanish vocabulary to global geography. 

Corresponding with most programs, Tinycards enables you to make your own flashcards and add images or text to them. You can fill the deck with as many cards as you desire. Your deck is yours to keep private or to make public.

The app has memory strength bars that users must fill by frequently refreshing their memory by examining specific cards. When certain cards are mastered, new levels can also be unlocked. This way of learning technique helps to motivate students. Users can create their cards and send them to others.

Compatibility: iOS, Android, and Web

Price: Free

  1. AnkiApp

It is considered one of the best flashcard apps that enhance learning through the use of spaced repetition. Even after trying out numerous different flashcard programs, Anki is still my preferred choice. Anki is still the best tool for aiding in learning, remembering, and reviewing knowledge, even though some of the other applications on this list have nicer interfaces and more functions.

To begin with, Anki, make a flashcard like you normally would (a term on one side and a definition on the other, for example). After that, you arrange these cards into “Decks” according to the knowledge you want to study. Anki will display each card’s front to you once you are prepared to study. You flip the card over to disclose the solution once you believe you know what it is.

Afterward, Anki will ask you to rate how challenging it was for you to remember the answer after you’ve given it away. When Anki decides to show you the card again, it will do so based on the difficulty rating. This could happen in just a few minutes or it could take a month.

Therefore, by doing so, you can devote the majority of your study time to subjects that you find challenging while avoiding the need to go over the knowledge you already possess.

Compatibility: iOS, Android, Windows, and Web

Price: Free but $24.99 for the iOS app 

  1. Quizlet

Quizlet is among the greatest free flashcard apps for learning. It is used to review vocabulary and offers pupils a vast array of flash cards to study vocabulary across numerous languages.

Additionally, this tool offers a huge number of flashcards, which helps users learn vocabulary for many languages.

You may easily make your own flashcards using this program. Students can browse online flashcards created by a range of people. Quizlet provides learning strategies such as creating quizzes, playing games, or just flipping a deck of cards.

Compatibility: iOS, Android, and Web

Price: Free

  1. StudyBlue

One of the best flashcard apps, Studyblue, enables you to make, learn, and share your own digital flashcards without cost. You can add audio and visual elements to your study materials.

Although you may search flashcard sets posted by students and teachers from all over the world using the app. You may quickly review your course materials from anywhere at any time with the StudyBlue flashcard app. Additionally, it aids in the students’ test and quiz preparation.

Compatibility: iOS, Android, and Web

Price: Free

  1. Brainscape

Brainscape is found to be one of the smart and best flashcard apps. Brainscape appears to be a rather straightforward flashcard program, but it has some sophisticated features that are useful for measuring your progress and making sure you’ve mastered the material completely.

Firstly, you will create a class to use Brainscape. You may be learning about a certain subject or an actual class. You can then make decks of flashcards on more specialized subjects for each class. It’s simple to make flashcards in Brainscape by placing the question and answer for each card in separate columns.

 Compatibility: iOS, Android, and Web

Price: Free with a Pro version

  1. Flashcards World

In Flashcards World, there are no pre-made card sets available. You must create them on your own. Although it may sound cumbersome, you can import them from CSV files, allowing you to create them in Excel on your laptop rather than having to manually type them into your phone. You can also import card sets that you locate online elsewhere.

For your cards, the program supports a wide variety of formats. Simple question/answer cards can be used, multiple choice options can be made, and the built-in audio player can even be used to listen to them. To access many more study options, including a memory game, upgrade to the Pro edition.

Apart from that, it doesn’t have many features, but it covers the essentials: you can quickly share cards with others, and the entire software operates offline It is one of the excellent and best flashcard apps.

Compatibility: Android

Price: Free with Pro Version


Cram is software for making flashcards that is reasonably simple to use but has several unique features for learning and reviewing your cards. Making a set of flashcards with a certain title is the first step. From there, you add details to the card’s front and back using text and pictures.

Notably, if you choose, you can also add a “Hint” side to the card. Numerous methods of examining the cards are available to you from there. There is a very conventional flashcard mode where you flip the cards, and you can let the app know if you answered correctly or incorrectly.

In subsequent study sessions, cards that you correctly answer won’t surface, while those that you incorrectly answer will. Although less advanced than the Brainscape or Anki systems, this is nonetheless useful. 

Compatibility: Android, Web, and iOS

Price: Free 

  1. Flashcards+ by Chegg

With this app, you can access pre-made Quizlet sets or make your own sets of flashcards. You may also monitor your progress, see your score, and keep tabs on your pace.

However, you can also collaborate on your studies by sending each other flashcards and notes via the app. Formulas and equations can also be copied and pasted onto your flashcards. Use this flashcard software to help you remember key scientific and math ideas. Students can use flashcard apps to help them study for important exams like the SAT or ACT.

Compatibility: Android, Web, and iOS

Price: Free 

Wrapping Up

In end, this post suggested the best flashcard apps listed above that meet your needs. Check it out right away on a supported device. Additionally, the installation procedure is very straightforward, allowing anyone to simply create their own kind of flashcard decks. Install it on your smartphones so you may use it frequently. These apps could be quite beneficial for testing and enhancing visual memory strength by practicing things repeatedly.



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