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7 ways to fix the anti-malware not opening on windows 10

Anti-malware applications have become necessary for all operating devices. If you want to work securely, you need anti-malware. Using a device without any security tool can lead to various issues. Always install a good security application that assures you the security of your device. Anti-malware protects the device and data from all threats. But when your anti-malware faces any issues, you have to fix them immediately. Any problems with your antivirus can lead to security issues on your device. You should inspect the errors and fix your anti-malware.

Common reasons behind anti-malware not opening error

  1. You have installed an incompatible setup
  2. Anti-malware setups get outdated
  3. Junk is interrupting the program
  4. Registry files get corrupted
  5. Program files are missing
  6. Another program is conflicting with the security program
  7. System files get corrupted

Troubleshooting anti-malware not opening error

Check the compatibility of your anti-malware

When your antivirus is not opening on the device, check for its compatibility with the system. Malwarebytes will not open Windows 10 if you have installed an incompatible setup. Error mainly appears when the user downloads the setup without checking the program’s resource requirements. Check the system’s specifications and then search for a security application that is compatible with your device. Install the program and now run a full system scan. 

Update your anti-malware

Your anti-malware also needs some care. The company sends new updates regularly to your security application. These updates have the details of new threats. Your antivirus can only detect new threats when its virus chart is updated. The security application shows an error when it detects a new virus on the system but it doesn’t have the virus details on its chart. Go to the Apps folder and click on your antivirus. Tap the Update button and now wait for completing the update process. After completing the update, restart the PC to apply the update. Go to the antivirus and try to run the virus scan.

Remove junk files from your Windows 10

Your Windows 10 computer can accumulate lots of junk with time. Your system creates a temp file to hold the data temporarily while doing work. After completing the job, those files become useless. These files accumulate lots of the system’s space and RAM. The system’s junk is not malicious but can slow down the device. If you haven’t removed the malware for a long time, junk files may start interrupting your programs. When you run an antivirus, it inspects the junk files but can’t find them on the virus chart. Those junk files start interrupting antivirus. You have to remove the junk from your computer. Open your drives and start removing the junk files. If you can’t find the junk on the system manually then run a junk cleaner tool. On a Windows computer, run the cleanmgr utility function. It will check all files and show the files to delete. Select the junk and tap on the OK button. After removing junk, restart the computer and now try to scan your computer with antivirus. 

Check for conflicting program

Some users reported that their security application is not working after they installed a particular program. Your antivirus shows an error when you have installed an incompatible or malicious application. The user often installs free third-parties apps for editing or photoshop. You can use these apps for free but these apps may carry malware like Trojans, adware, etc. When you run these applications, they start conflicting with your security program. The user should remove third-party apps from his device. Your security program can also get into conflicting issues when you install another antivirus. Using two security applications on the device won’t increase the security. Those programs will start interrupting each other. Go to your computer and remove one security application. Open your Apps folder and click on the security application. Hit the Uninstall button and your antivirus will get removed from the PC. Now restart the system to apply changes and then run the antivirus on the device to remove malware. 

Inspect the registry files on the system

Antivirus won’t open on Windows 10 if its registry files are not working. These files get corrupted due to runtime errors or some other issues on the device. Without these files, your antivirus can’t find the correct path. The user has to repair the corrupted registry files of the antivirus. But you should edit any registry file only when you know the steps. A wrong edit can get you into other issues. If you can’t repair those files, ask for help. If you know the steps then create the backup keys first and then repair the files. Use Regedit and go to the editor. Now search for antivirus-related registry files. Copy those registry files and save them with the .reg extension. Now repair those files and restart the computer. Your antivirus will start working and you can scan your device reliably.

System files get corrupted

Your antivirus will not work if the related system files are not working. These files can get corrupted due to any minor or major reasons. But repairing these files is difficult. If the user edits any wrong file, the whole system may stop working. You should not try to edit any system file manually. Ask a professional to repair the system files. Some of the system files may get repaired using Windows inbuilt file repair tool. Open the Run bar and type sfc/scannow. This utility tool will inspect the system files on the device. Wait until this utility tool scans all files on the system. After repairing the files, restart your device. Go to the desktop and click on the antivirus icon. Go to its dashboard and run the scan.

Check the program files

Your security program won’t work if its program files are not working or missing. You can repair the corrupted program files on the device and then run the antivirus. But if the program files are missing, you have to reinstall the setup. Open Windows 10 Apps folder and go to the antivirus. Uninstall the corrupted setup of your antivirus. Also, delete all its related files from your device. Now you have to reinstall the setup on your device. Go to its website and download the setup. Make sure you have its key to activate the setup. Install and activate the antivirus on your device.

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