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7 unusual hobbies that can be developed at any age - Mazing US
Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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7 unusual hobbies that can be developed at any age

With autumn, nothing changes in the life of adults: home, work, evening serial. Or maybe you should use the beginning of the school year as an excuse to try something new? Like a hobby! Here are interesting hobbies of Mazing US bloggers – for those who are tired of doing the same thing.

1. Sculpt from plasticine

Sculpting figures is not at all entertainment for preschoolers. In the end, it was adults who created the plasticine crow, Shaun the Sheep and other masterpiece heroes. You can start your acquaintance with modeling on ordinary plasticine, which is sold in the stationery department. The conceived figure did not turn out the first time? Break up a piece and try again.

When you feel that your hand is full, you can move on to sculptural hard plasticine. During sculpting, it becomes elastic and is well suited for working out miniature details. But when the master gives the craft its final shape, the clay hardens. There are other types: magnetic, fluorescent, rubber.

Passion for plasticine does not require almost any investment. At the start, you only need the material itself and a few simple tools like a knife and spatulas. But making money on this hobby is quite real. You can start selling sculptures and paintings adorned with figurines you’ve created, or start a clay animation blog.

7 unusual hobbies that can be developed at any age

2. Build with LEGO

There are more and more adult fans of LEGO. Dozens of groups and communities of fans of the legendary constructor can be found on any social network. The company itself also encourages this hobby among adults. For example, in 2009 The LEGO Group held a competition for animators: they got access to warehouses with designers and created animated masterpieces. And a few years ago, the company launched the LEGO Life Fan Playground.

LEGO structures that adults assemble are much more complex than model houses and little men. For example, in some series, you can create miniatures of complex devices or use the achievements of robotics. The collections are so different that it will be exciting for everyone to collect them. You can make the collection eclectic or focus on one area of ​​interest, such as space or architecture.

Those who have ever bought a constructor know that the simplest set of bricks is not cheap. Avid LEGO fans advise newcomers not to purchase sets at full price, but to wait for discounts and sales. Sooner or later, the cost of each box is reduced by 30-50%. And rare sets in general can become an investment of money.


3. Become a music expert

3. Become a music expert

This is a hobby for real music lovers who love to do everything to the accompaniment. You can approach it from different angles: learn to play musical instruments, collect vinyl records, posters, literature about cult musicians. Or delve into the technical part and figure out how the features of audio technology affect the sound.

The main thing is to understand what attracts you more: powerful and aggressive techno, tube retro, original instrumental, or all at once. Or maybe you quit music as a child and regret it? Or did you always want to mix DJ sets, but your parents said that it was not serious? People who are in love with music advise listening only to your heart.

Hobby costs vary: rare vinyl or tools can be quite expensive. But investments in beauty can return and multiply if you bring useful knowledge or delight the audience with your music.

4. Draw comics

Comics are read and collected by absolutely different people. The genre itself is also not distinguished by the severity of the canons. In the world of comics, superheroes, ordinary people, talking animals or “animate” objects coexist peacefully. That is why such a hobby will allow you to express the most fantasy scenarios and ideas. And also – to shine with your wit in jokes and capacious phrases of the characters.

To start drawing, it is not at all necessary to have an art education: your desire is enough. The style of comics can be deliberately laconic, cartoonish, or detailed. Either way, this is an opportunity to hone your drawing skills. And also to pump up the ability to write, because, in addition to the visual, comics are also catchy texts. Due to the popularity of the genre, such a hobby can become not only an opportunity to share your creativity with the world, but also a profitable profession.

In order for your comics to “enter” readers, you need to learn how to express thoughts concisely and make sketches readable. The situations in the pictures can be played out with the emotions and poses of the characters, the background, small details and even color. Do you want to take on longread? Start with a detailed script. Come up with heroes, their characters, problems and situations in which they will fall into the course of the story, write down remarks and signature phrases. The more detailed you see your history, the more interesting the graphics can turn out.

5. Restore old books

Restore old books

If you like to read paper books, you may also be interested in working with them – restoration. This is a painstaking but exciting task, and its result helps to preserve the cultural and historical heritage. Such a hobby requires an individual approach to each book, because there is no universal scheme for “treating” pages and binding.

A novice restorer will need a set of professional tools: a bone, a needle and thread, lamination, a hammer, a sewing machine, knives, scalpels, scissors. And also – a sense of taste, perseverance and a strong nervous system. You can start with your own books from the attic or mezzanine left over from your great-grandmother. And when you learn, you will start saving collectors’ books or even taking orders from libraries or museums.

If a fateful meeting with an ancient and valuable artifact happens, the task of the master becomes doubly difficult: you need to preserve the valuable historical content of the book and preserve its original appearance. Therefore, professionals advise beginners to take restoration courses before taking on rare publications that do not forgive mistakes.


6. Study the microworld

Have you ever imagined what a fly’s foot or a human hair looks like, magnified a thousand times? Home microscopy is a chance to satisfy research interest and enjoy contemplating the world in miniature. Insights can be unexpected: ordinary objects through the lens of the device look completely different from what we are used to. In addition, this is a great way to get your child interested in science or share your observations with others through a blog.

For your own laboratory, you should not buy ultra-precise professional microscopes – a school one with one eyepiece and several objectives is quite suitable for an amateur. However, when choosing a device, do not forget a simple rule: the more expensive it is, the clearer and brighter the image will be. If you want to show your discoveries to subscribers, you should immediately think about a good camera with a plan achromatic lens for macro photography. Such optics are needed to focus on the dashboard and get a contrast photo.

7. Create masterpieces from paper

Paper handmade is a hobby for creative and diligent people. It develops concentration and makes it possible to escape from the screens of the phone and computer. It also has practical value: recently, the demand for unique handmade items has been growing – they are bought as gifts or for decorating the interior. The author’s postcard will not be lost in a pile of presents from the store and will remind you of the special attitude of the person who presented it.

There are many techniques for working with paper: appliqué, origami, scrapbooking, quilling. To understand which one is closer, just look at a few finished works. This hobby is not expensive. At the start, you only need paper, a few special tools and glue. The more time you spend in creativity, the wider the field for fantasy will become.

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7 unusual hobbies that can be developed at any age







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