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7 Tips for Keeping Your Garden in Tip-Top Condition

Even though gardening is a very fulfilling hobby, it can also be time-consuming. For your garden to look neat and beautiful, you need to put in quite a lot of time and effort. There are always things to weed, prune, sow, mow, rake, and so on.
So, how do you keep your garden in tip-top condition without it becoming a chore? Here are 7 tips that can help you maintain your garden.

  1. Water your garden regularly
    Water is your number one friend when it comes to maintaining a garden. Your plants and flowers need enough water to be healthy and beautiful. However, watering your plants too much or whenever you feel like it, isn’t the best solution. Too much or too little water can kill your plants.
    That’s why your garden needs to be regularly watered, preferably around the same time every day and with just enough water. Investing in a quality hose or sprinkler system can be of great help.
    Hoselink US offers a perfect solution to your garden watering problems. With a great number of different types of hoses and hose equipment, you can choose whatever suits your garden best.
  2. Use fertilizers
    In addition to water, your garden also needs to be fertilized. Fertilizer provides nutrients that are often key for the health of your plants. It’s the fertilization process that can make your garden lush and green and full of blooms.
    There are different types of fertilizers, but most of them are applied in the spring by mixing them into the soil. Spring is the perfect time to fertilize your garden because the ground is no longer frozen and there is no fear of frost destroying your juvenile growth.
    You can apply fertilizer during the summer and fall months as well, however, avoid fertilizing them in winter since they are dormant and not actively growing.
    You should also perform a soil test to see what nutrients your garden needs. Over-fertilizing your garden can be just as bad as not fertilizing it enough.
  3. Choose plants carefully
Image by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay 

Choosing plants for your garden is a fun process but it also needs to be done smartly and carefully. The best would be to buy plants that are from the same climate.
Plants from the same climate will have similar needs – a similar intake of water, fertilization, and overall maintenance. This will make tending to your garden much easier. When deciding which plant to take home, do a bit of research, read labels and see how much water they need, how much sun, and when they are supposed to bloom. This will help you choose similar plants.
4. Control weeds
There’s no place for pesky weeds in your garden. Weeds may be harmless but they grow in the wrong places. If you leave them unattended for some time, they will take over your lovely garden.
To control weeds, you should regularly de-weed your garden with different garden tools. Another option is using mulch. Mulch is a protective covering made of sawdust, bark, decaying leaves, or compost.
Spreading mulch over your garden can not only help your plants retain moisture but can act as a natural weed barrier. Mulch blocks the sunlight and in that way stops most weeds from sprouting.
5. Prune trees and shrubs
A neat garden is one where trees and shrubs are under control. To make sure your trees and shrubs are healthy, you should prune them at least twice a year.
The best time to prune your garden’s trees and shrubs is in late fall and right after they have finished blooming. Pruning in fall is perfect because the plants are dormant and you won’t risk cutting off their source of nutrients.
6. Get rid of debris
If you want to have a beautiful garden, you need to clean it often. A lot of different types of debris end up in your garden, especially during the fall and winter months. Leaves, branches, trash and so much get blown into your garden.
To keep things clean and neat, you need to rake your lawn and pick up unwanted rubbish.
7. Create a routine
The best way to maintain your garden and not let it get out of control is to make taking care of it a routine. Every day, make time for your garden – water, check on your plants, de-weed, prune, or whatever else needs to be done.
With a routine in place, garden maintenance will be easy and you won’t worry about not dedicating enough time to your garden.
Keeping your garden in tip-top condition is all about creating a routine and sticking to it. Hopefully, these 7 tips can help you maintain your garden properly and in that way keep it green and lush!

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