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7 Steps To Online Marketing Success

With so many options available in the online marketing industry, it can become difficult to decide what path is best for you and your business. If you are new to internet marketing or feel that you just don’t have the time to go on social media sites, don’t worry – here is a guide from a leading online marketing agency on how to be successful with marketing!

1. Create a lead generation landing page

A landing page is a page on your website that has been created specifically for a campaign. You can use landing pages for lead generation, sales, or relationship building.

A lead-generating email could include:

  • Coupon for your product
  • Contest to Win a Brand-Related Prize
  • Free ebooks and other content related to business
  • Guides on how-to

Your Facebook page or Twitter handle can be used too. However, due to Facebook’s low organic reach, small businesses find more success on their site.

2. Use Inbound Marketing to Promote Your Offer

Inbound marketing is essentially about marketing through content. Inbound marketing is when you post links to your website on social media platforms.

You can drive traffic to your website via Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest as well as Google+, Google+, Google+, Instagram, and Google+.

To drive more traffic to the promotion and continue engaging with your customers, send an email to your segmented list.

3. To drive participants, you can use online advertising

Online advertising is the best and most cost-effective way to reach your niche.

Facebook ads allow you to target your message and reach specific demographics beyond age and geography. You can target your niche using listed interests, Pages like, relationship status, and even political leanings.

Google ads allow you to target via both Search and Network Display. Effective search ads that are paid-per-click can increase click-through rates and converts while keeping your budget low.

4. To bring back lost leads, you can use Ad Retargeting

Retargeting may be a new concept to you if you aren’t familiar with online advertising.

Ad retargeting is the practice of placing ads that track you on the internet. Your customer (or you) visits a website. You continue to see the branded ads, tempting you to return while you browse other sites online.

5. Email Automation to Nurture Leads

After you have started generating leads via your landing page campaigns and nurture them.

To send timed emails to offer participants, set up an email automation campaign.

Send at least 5-6 personalized, segmented emails to each participant. To build a stronger relationship between you and your prospect, send deeper messages as your Call-to-Actions after your initial thank you message.

6. Get additional landing page offers to help you ladder your leads

You can create a second, third, or fourth promotional landing page for your website. You can direct traffic to this page using your newly created email and your ads retargeting.

7. You can measure your results, learn and repeat.

Online marketing offers many benefits, including the ability to track and compile metrics and other data. A landing page builder can give you real-time results and online you will have a wealth of information about people who view and click on your ads.

These measurements allow you to A/B-test and adjust your campaigns to improve conversion rates. You can improve your marketing by learning which elements are delivering the best results.



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