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7 Natural & Easy Ways To Bust Stress

Maintaining peace and equilibrium is one of the toughest challenges. The pandemic has compounded the stress and suffering. Aside from the health and professional strain, the average person’s rational ability and decision-making are getting clouded. About 46% of Gen Z adults claim their mental health has worsened compared with pre-pandemic. In addition, mandatory social distancing is decreasing community interaction and may trigger social rejection. 

Most employees and entrepreneurs facing anxiety are turning to prescription drugs and counseling to fight mental uneasiness. But these are not dependable solutions. While you cannot control your circumstances, you can manage your responses to reduce conflict. Here are seven natural ways to reduce stress and anxiety without visiting your doctor.

Recharge Your Body With Physical Activity.

Physical activity is good for your health and also benefits you psychologically. Exercise at any level reduces stress by decreasing your body’s stress hormones and increasing your body’s positive neurotransmitters (endorphins).

Ride a bike, play soccer, do a brisk walk with your dog, run up and down the stairs, or do jumping jacks for your body toning and fitness. Take a work break by walking a few steps to your refreshment bar, or walk down to the grocery store to relax your stressed nerves. Switch off your laptop and smartphone for a brief time to think afresh and stay positive. Exercise may also improve your sleep quality and restore your confidence and mental wellbeing. 

Consider Aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy is an alternate therapy that uses plant extracts for optimum wellness. Essential oils are an integral part of aromatherapy, where their inhalation or massage helps ease stress. In addition, various calming scents like Lavender, Rose, Vetiver, Bergamot, Frankincense treat your mood by decreasing anxiety and improving sleep.

Candle-lighting is another way to uplift your senses. Think of dressing your study and sleep room with soy wax scented candles or beeswax scented candles for a pleasant fragrance and smoke-free experience. Scented candles help ease your mind and also add beauty to your space. However, people with respiratory problems should refrain from candle lighting. 

Engage In Yoga And Meditation.

Yoga practice brings immense relief and improves mental health and concentration. There are several yoga styles, learning levels, and intensities. The functional purpose of each asana is to reduce stress, control breathing, and improve physical health and mental wellbeing.

Practice yoga through meditation retreats under the guidance of a trained instructor. Check with your doctor or practitioner before starting this mind-body healing practice to avoid conflict with any existing health problem. With virtual yoga the new trend, you can learn yoga from online teachers at flexible times. Find out the root cause of learning yoga to benefit the most.

Spend Time With Family And Pets.

Social support and companionship from family, friends, and pets can help you tide over stress. Join a social network to keep yourself busy and involved in day-to-day activities and decisions. Help and support the needy, particularly distressed women and children fighting for basic survival.

Welcome a pet in your family and watch a sense of belonging help you tide over tough times. Pets can be your unconditional friend in fighting stress and coping with sadness. Benefit from their bonding with you and overcome life’s challenges easily and steadily. Register your pet in grooming or sports competition to increase your bonding time with furry animals and shed your negativity. Take your pets for vacations and road trips to recharge your tense nerves. 

Adopt Green Practices.

De-stressing is not just about individual health; it is also taking little steps to enrich the community and global health. Nature has in store for us abundant solutions to help minimize stress and waste. Start wellness practices like gardening to maintain a healthy relationship with nature. Grow exotic herbs and spices in your house garden and share their benefits with your neighbors and social network. 

Go zero waste, reduce plastic usage, replace disposable products with reusable alternatives, and have a backyard garden in your home for healthy food choices. Fix leaky faucets and repurpose old clothes and towels into small cleaning cloths.

Laugh Often.

A hearty laugh can work wonders to lift spirits and bring enthusiasm and recharge on a dull day. Laughter therapy holds tremendous value in lowering stress hormones, boosting your immune system, and burning calories. It adds zest and joy to life, improves mood, and defuses conflict and disagreement.

Spend time with light-hearted, humorous people, read fun comics, share a good joke (even if it is on you), join a comedy club to create laughter opportunities. 

Enhance Your Diet With Cannabidiol.

Cannabidiol (CBD), a chemical found in Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) plant, can adequately treat several health ailments, including anxiety, depression, and chronic conditions. However, the dosage can vary with the CBD product and its administration mode. CBD oil, vaping CBD infused vape oil, capsules, sprays, and edibles are few administration methods to treat stress and pain.   

Orally administered CBD (oils, capsules, edibles) start showing their effects within 30 minutes to 2 hours of intake. Vaping or smoking CBD oil or buds brings immediate results.

Final Thoughts

Stress is unavoidable. Take it in the right spirit and get it treated fast to avoid severe physical and mental health complications. Strengthen your social ties with humans and pets to lower your anxiety and increase positivity. Offer to help and maintain your flexibility and cheerfulness in your personal and professional life. 

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