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7 Management Mistakes That Can Hamper Employee Productivity

The key to productivity is doing more work in fewer hours without sacrificing quality. However, considering productivity strategically might become a forgotten skill in the eCommerce industry, which operates in a fast-paced loop of promotions and new releases. Increasing efficiency is a significant strategy for growing your eCommerce business.

You need to steer clear of a few typical errors while highlighting the productivity culture within your eCommerce organization.

This article discusses certain flaws in top-level management communication that might reduce staff productivity. To get the most out of your personnel management practices, avoid making these blunders at all costs.

1: Lack of consistent one-on-one performance discussions

In the eCommerce industry, many senior management figures have the misconception that performance management revolves around yearly performance reviews. Here, you assess workers’ contributions to the company using various KPIs, examine what they have accomplished, and establish objectives for the upcoming year.

You are accustomed to viewing the world through the lens of eCommerce metrics like CPMs and AOV as an online retailer.

Consequently, you shouldn’t have any trouble creating KPIs during one-on-one sessions. Therefore, be sure to include the productivity metrics for your eCommerce team’s main individuals.

Monitoring staff productivity indicators give you an accurate baseline and continuous pulse on the output of your employees. This entails regularly checking in with your staff and evaluating the effectiveness of your procedures.

A logistics manager manages bulk orders from suppliers and makes sure they get at the customer’s door in a safe, high-quality, and timely manner. Here, you may define KPIs by taking into account the delivery schedule, speed of service, client rating, etc.

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2: Not defining expectations clearly

Many team members will work on various aspects of a single e-commerce project, including management, advertising, transportation, technology, etc.

The team’s efficiency, confidence, connections, and capacity to work together can all suffer when the wrong goals aren’t defined and shared with the team.

Ultimately, eCommerce business managers must establish reasonable goals for every department and, consequently, the leaders of those departments in order to guarantee enterprise-class technology infrastructure, safety, flexibility, and expertise.

Monitoring your firm’s key performance indicators (KPIs) and business target key outcomes is one of the most crucial duties of an eCommerce business manager (OKRs). Every department will have KPIs as well as the resources needed to meet those goals.

If your intention is to create an atmosphere where individuals are encouraged to interact and make choices, solve problems, or accept responsibility jointly, eCommerce’s top management may define what that environment should look like.

If so, be sure to communicate it right away with the other members of your team to ensure that everyone is aware of the situation. Utilize tools like Monday.com and Hibox to track how well your staff members are doing as they adjust to your way of conducting business.

3: Lack of appropriate tools

As your staff expands, the workload of an eCommerce firm may also climb. Therefore, it may ultimately be detrimental to forego investing in instruments.

Depending on their KPIs, your staff may frequently require a variety of tools. Additionally, since they promote efficiency, it is a terrific approach to increase your department’s ROI.

The tools you choose will primarily rely on the skill and projected output of your team. Your design team, for example, needs exposure to the Adobe Creative Cloud suite or appropriate tools. In contrast, order fulfillment teams may operate together and effectively by using order fulfillment solutions.

Using affordable tools to differentiate oneself in a competitive industry without getting carried away is a better approach.

Your top-level management’s performance technologies in an eCommerce company would mostly fall into the four areas listed below:

  • ·         Measurement of productivity and time
  • ·         Cooperation
  • ·         Automation
  • ·         Inventory control

4: Disruptive management

You need to see how the managers of the lower-level executives and their subordinates operate as a member of top management. Recognizing the root of workplace inefficiency involves paying close attention to the reporting structure.

Here, we quickly scan the eCommerce company hierarchy to identify who is responsible for what, obviating the need for micromanagement.

Due to a few of the following factors, many managers fail to meet their goals:

  • ·         Inadequate time allotted for tasks
  • ·         Inconsistency and lack of transparency
  • ·         Favoritism
  • ·         Increasing or decreasing the level of supervision

To expedite things, the upper executives may contribute their knowledge and reorganize jobs horizontally.

John Doe from the acquisition team, for instance, is not very knowledgeable about Display.

In this situation, he may either collaborate with the Trading team for efficient merchandising or ask John Doe from the content team for assistance in understanding UX.

Avoid disruptive supervision by identifying the primary tasks for your teams and dividing them into subgroups according to each team member’s area of competence. The director of eCommerce might instead focus on eliminating bottlenecks to reduce the gap in knowledge between various departments.

You can also use an example: if you hired someone to tow a caravan but did not provide him with proper instructions, it will cause problems because it is one of the difficult tasks considered.

As a result, proper training from senior management is essential.

5: Lack of delegation

A loss of confidence in staff members and connection to their thoughts prevents many leaders from appropriately delegating tasks. In the workplace of today, this may even prove counterintuitive.

As an alternative, you could explain to your staff what change management is and how you intend to delegate more work to mid-level employees. Employees who enjoy moving things along quickly and making confident decisions will welcome such a change if it is implemented with the right intentions.

As an eCommerce firm, it is simple to handle the store, oversee the activities of employees, and measure their efficacy.

You can assign roles depending on:

  • ·         Strategy and planning
  • ·         Forecasting
  • ·         Conducting business
  • ·         Attracting people
  • ·         Purchase orders
  • ·         Package delivery
  • ·         Obtaining and financial reporting for payments
  • ·         Performance evaluation

For each task, you can designate responsible executors, but an effective task delegation depends on the free flow of information. This is the part of the process that many eCommerce management teams consider to be the most difficult. Because of this, it’s critical to rely on tried-and-true delegating strategies and employ approaches that increase productivity.

Consider utilizing the SMART goal-setting method as an excellent tool for delegation targets.

6: Unclear instructions

You can set one aim for your e-commerce and assign teams with various tasks. For example, if your objective is to swiftly start a firm that has the potential to succeed in one area, you can utilize it to learn from it and make improvements before expanding globally.

Top-level professionals need to establish a plan around trying to muscle up the business and optimizing their connections.

7: Failing to recognize the achievements of employees

Build an environment of appreciation by making opportunities daily to recognize little victories. Productivity can even be increased by praising individual accomplishments or assisting workers in completing their tasks more effectively. 

They simply do not care much about your company either if you don’t recognize their achievements so getting employee feedback is very much necessary.

Employee accomplishments can be recognized in a variety of ways, such as through spot recognition. A competitive incentive program that encourages team members to strive for excellence can also be created.

Inspire your workforce by giving them the goods they adore if your e-commerce company already offers a variety of things. If they require expensive items, give them a subsequent discount as a sign of your consideration.

Of course, assuming that your staff members enjoy their work. If that is the case, they will obviously be more active and advance your eCommerce company. Whether motivating workers to connect more, assisting them to solve difficulties, or supporting autonomous risk-taking— be with your team by minimizing these frequent blunders.

The effectiveness of your team manager will determine how well your company is able to attract and keep top talent. Productivity, efficiency, and workforce development are all fostered by effective management.



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