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7 Indispensable Factors to Consider While Choosing a Backend Framework

Backend is BTS, i.e., Behind The Scenes. The backend frameworks are the set of libraries containing server-side programming languages — these further help build the backend structure of a website.

Choosing the right application framework is so important. Undoubtedly, the foremost factor is that the backend and frontend of the app should be compatible with each other. You might have heard of Laravel, Ruby on Rails, Express JS, Node JS, and many more backend frameworks. But, you cannot choose any backend framework as per your whims and fancies. Of course, the choice is yours. But, this has to be a rational choice. And, to make a logical decision, you must get into the depth of what is Expressjs, what is Laravel, etc., to know the strengths and weaknesses of each framework.

Some Factors to Decide Upon a Backend Framework

The technical specifications are a must-check before deciding on the backend framework for app development.

At this point, let us check the factors that affect the choice of backend framework for the app development process:

  1. Use & Purpose

Every framework has a distinctive purpose. This includes the particular traits it is known for and also the particular functions it serves. Various application niches are built in different server-side programming languages.

  1. Software Patterns

Each software has different patterns to put the code in a compact mode. The compact modes vary, such as – MVP (Model-View-Presenter), MVA (Model-View-Adapter), and AVC (Application-View-Controller) or MVC (Model View Controller).

  • Data – model
  • Logic – controller
  • User interface – view from each other
  1. Installation Process & Hurdles

The installation procedure of each framework is different. It is pretty obvious that everyone prefers a framework that is quick and easy to install. This also has a direct impact on the testing and deploying part. More complicated and time-consuming the installation process is, the harder it becomes to deploy the application. 

  1. Core Library 

Each framework is a set of libraries within libraries. This comes with the advantage that developers can choose to include or exclude the parts of the library as per their requirements. Every library has something different to offer.

These comprise the following extensive features:

  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Caching
  • Data Sanitization
  • Data Validation
  • Templating
  • URL Mapping or Rewriting, etc.
  1. Documentation

It is pretty much understood that a new framework might not have a lot of tutorial videos and reference documentation uploaded by the official website. You must note the point that developers choose to go with a framework that has enough resources available. The developer might be an amateur or an expert at the framework. But, there can be many hurdles while writing the program code as every application is unique in its own way.

  1. Complexity Level

While studying at a University, a student studies various subjects. On a similar note, the frameworks can also be easy and difficult to learn and practically apply. Hence, coders choose how much time they would take to self-learn or train themselves and then use it in their daily work.

  1. Other Factors

I mentioned some of the most critical factors above. However, those are not the only factors that affect the choice of backend framework. Adding more to the above ones, it is essential to consider factors like unit testing, scaling, community, bug fixing speed, etc.

Parting Words – Backend Frameworks

The backend framework is responsible for the optimal performance and scalability of the app. Hence, whether you are the developer, the app development company, or the client, make a wise choice!

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Eleena Wills
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