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7 Best Electric Product to Buy In 2022 

Consumer technology entails a broad category of services and products catering to assist us in problem-solving or just bearing a better experience in our daily lives. Technology is changing daily with new products and services, which are better than the previous ones.  

Therefore, if you are not vigilant enough, you can find yourself left out. The products range from gaming and entertainment to professional fields like medical sciences and research. This article points out some of the best products to look out for in 2022.  

Flat Extension Cords 

The round extension cords have been the industry standard for a long time. However, advancements in technology have seen the introduction of flat cables, replacing the traditional round extension cords. The flat extension cord is a better option because it is a solid and low-profile solution. They have a famous low-profile structure and are also very strong. The cables’ structural load carrying capacity is well distributed between the insulation/outer jacket and the conductors and is considered to be very strong.  

Combined with connectors and molded plugs, they result in a highly durable and robust product. The flat extension cords are also very flexible. Coiling and uncoiling the cables becomes more manageable when they are flexible. Such cables are also straightforward to use in work areas with limited spaces. In addition to that, the flat extension cables typically lay closer to the ground and are a lot easier to hide. They are thus less trip hazard than their more rounded counterparts. 

VR/AZ and the Internet of Senses 

Traditionally, engagement with services online and digital content involved the simulation of two senses, hearing and sight. With technological advancements, the content providers and manufacturers strive to engage with us more closely through taste, touch, and smell to create a more immersive consumer experience. They have succeeded in doing that using the environments of virtual reality. The virtual reality environments involve the new devices providing the opportunity to feel and smell experiences, making them authentic and interactive.  

In 2021, Oculus was reported to have sold approximately two million. You should also expect consumer entertainment that includes gaming and movies to provide more realistic audio experiences. NVIDIA is an inventor of the GPU and creates interactive graphics on workstations, laptops, PCs, notebooks, and mobile devices. 

5G and other ultrafast networks 

G capabilities are soon becoming the norm for mobile devices, including other devices at all price points. That is as opposed to being opposed to flagship products and premium. That means higher bandwidth video services and higher definition will begin available, including 8K streaming, VR, and cloud gaming. All devices will become lighter and smaller since there will be no need for bulky graphic chips and processors. All calculations will be conducted remotely, and output will simply be streamed to consumers’ devices as video feeds. 

Blockchain, NFT, and digital twins 

NFTs, blockchains, and digital twins will soon change how we interact with technology. In 2022, the technologies will begin largely impacting consumer products. Such consumer brands as Asics, Sony, and Coca-Cola have signaled an intention of being part of the space of NFT. We can expect to start seeing digital services and goods designed to augment and complement physical consumer products because brands increasingly experience growth in their digital engagement. 

Enter the Metaverse

There is a looming new Matrix movie that could drive the interest of consumers in virtual worlds and the alternative digital realities. Companies like Microsoft, Nvidia, and Facebook have put out their plans for the metaverse. They aim to develop an immersive online environment offering a persistent world of socializing, work, and play. Epic, the game developer, has led the way with its Fortnite game, which attracted up to 15 million online players who experienced live concerts and built on things. 

Gigabyte Aorus 17G

The gaming world is immensely growing as the most significant source of entertainment. The gaming experience cannot be complete without the best and the most capable gaming laptops and machines. On that note, the gigabyte Aorus 17G is one of the best gaming machines in 2022. The computer is punchy and is in a relatively sleek and slim case. This laptop computer is powered by the latest Nvidia SUPER graphics card, made for handling ray tracing; a complex lighting graphic generally applied in the latest games.  

The display runs at a blistering speed of 300Hz, making the games look very slim on the screen. If you are a gaming pro, you will love this laptop because of its rapid refreshing rate. You will most definitely experience no noticeable delays between what you input and what appears on the screen. 

DJI FPV Drone 

This gadget gives you the best drone pilot experience you can ever get. From its camera, it beams the view straight to the back of a headset on terra firma, and you will see what the drone sees! It works almost like what drone-racing pilots use in competitions but a user-friendly version. In just two seconds, the drone can reach up to the speeds of 60 mph from 0 and can hit a maximum speed of 140km/h. Its range is about 10km, but you will require a spotter to keep an eye out for obstructions or people below as you fly. 

Final Thoughts 

Most of the technologies we have gone through above can change your life. For instance, consider the NFTs, the latest hype for making wealth. Since we cannot live without electric gadgets in this technology-advanced era, we have demonstrated how flat extension cords can assist in charging appliances and gadgets.