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7 Benefits of Chatbots for Business Growth

Seamless customer experience is the key to higher sales and increased customer loyalty. Today, customers are more nuanced and aware than even half a decade ago. They have high expectations from businesses and have several other options if they don’t find what they are looking for in one company. At the same time, they are willing to pledge loyalty to a brand that provides the experience, product, or service they need.

According to Gartner, customers managed about 85% of their relationships with brands without ever interacting with a human employee. This is due to the increased demand for self-help and automated customer support by businesses. 

A chatbot is a self-help business tool that helps in improving communications. A brand can partner with a chatbot development company to enhance its customer experience, generate more sales and create a rapport with existing and new customers. This will allow customers to interact easily with brands and have simulated conversations that help solve their problems. 

How Does a Chatbot Development Company Facilitate Business Growth?

For businesses, the primary benefit of using a chatbot is reducing expenses. However, creating chatbots provides more benefits to customers. 

1. Real-time chats without any interruptions:

A customer can interact with chatbots the same way they talk to human customer support personnel. The learning curve for customers while dealing with chatbots is eliminated. Nearly every chatbot uses NLP (natural language processing) methodologies. Therefore, they can analyze customer questions and provide relevant answers to meet their demands.

2. 24×7 customer support:

Humans need sleep, but a chatbot can function as long as an internet connection is established. Customer demands are not restricted to business hours. If they don’t get the necessary customer support when they need it, there’s a high chance they will be disappointed in your brand experience. 

A chatbot provides customers with answers and solutions at any time of the day. They don’t need to wait for email responses as the answer is almost instant and in real-time. The feeling of the conversation is identical to that of a human.

3. No change in energy or mood:

Some chatbots have been designed to emulate human actions and intelligence. Meanwhile, other systems have stuck to what chatbots and computers were built to do – handling boring and repetitive tasks like database searches or calculations. A chatbot doesn’t get irritated or tired of facing the same problem over and over as humans do. Instead, they adapt and overcome or simply continue without letting it affect their ‘mood’ or productivity. 

4. Easy integration and application:

Chatbots can become a part of any product page to simplify the customer’s buying process. A chatbot provides information like video content, product data, and additional information. They also help customers gather information before they begin the purchase journey. For example, which product to buy, the purchase payment method, and the shipping method. This real-time support can significantly reduce cart abandonment instances. 

5. Reduced customer stress:

According to one survey by Helpshift, 94% of respondents said they feared contacting customer service. Methods like overseas customer support, automated menus, etc., have not helped relieve their stress. The survey also reported that customers appreciated chatbots for specific demands, with 70% of people saying they preferred chatbots to people. The sole condition to this preference was that the chatbot would help with reducing the time taken, provide instant chat responses and not require manual intervention.

6. Saving time and costs:

Once businesses have consistent traffic on their website, an interactive chatbot makes it easier to attract new visitors. This helps them increase conversion rates and turn visitors into customers. The same task would be significantly more expensive if done by human personnel. In this way, a chatbot development company can help you save time and money. 

7. Personifies the brand:

Chatbots provide a great deal of flexibility, enabling customer interactions at multiple levels. They can become a customer’s primary touchpoint for account management, sales information, or tech support. A chatbot can also be tuned to particular conversation styles to make the experience more ‘real’ for customers. This could range from technical, polite, and helpful to funny and witty. These chatbot personalities bring brands to life and incentivize customers to interact with them again.

Partnering with a credible chatbot development company  and blockchain development services will help businesses reach new heights and achieve growth and success. 

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