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7 Amazing Night Hiking Spots Near Bangalore - Mazing US
Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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7 Amazing Night Hiking Spots Near Bangalore


If you are looking for adventure and a perfect location for re-energizing yourself, you should try overnight camping in Bangalore which can take you away from the hustle-bustle of the IT city.

What to see in Bangalore

Bangalore is not just a place for nature lovers, but also music fans.

 Hard Rock is an honored pub in Bangalore due to its live performances by renowned bands. 

There are different other entertainment places within the city including Snow City, which raves the visitors with movements like ice-skating, gaming arcades, and bowling alleys. 

Bangalore has two different seasons – wet and dry.

 The rest of the year is mostly dry but may undergo unforeseen showers. 

The dry days are very sunny, and the temperature goes beyond 25 – 30 degrees Celsius. 

You can connect yourself with the sight of nature, obtain an entirely different perspective from all those in your group and leave with rejuvenated vibes.

Here are some top pick-up places for a night camping in Bangalore 


Is a small village near Bangalore on the banks of River Cauvery which is a top visitor site and a camping spot in the area of Bheemeshwari it is a Wildlife Sanctuary that is reserved in the area that covers local flora and fauna in the province.

Camping in Bheemeshwari is a lifetime opportunity that one should not miss out on and live inherently in gorgeous surroundings as well as participate in the camping.

 Things to do there –

Camping activities which contain wildlife Safaris, Trekking, elephant rides, bird watching, river rafting, mountain biking and even snorkeling in the river.

So once you go there do avail this opportunity.


Is known for its coffee inheritances and adventure activities.

There are movements like wildlife, bird watching, and trekking which are available here.

However, camping at a coffee estate is perhaps most excellent. You can stay in one of the coffee estates, where they will teach you the different steps involved in coffee growing and even let you sip some of the fresh produce.


Is famous for its calm and panoramic beauty. The region is endowed with hills and valleys that leave most spectators enthralled.

 An overnight camp is a perfect way to flee the city of Bangalore and spend the weekend in one of the most panoramic parts of the country. There are trekking opportunities nearby that one can confront as well.

Nandi Hills:

Is simply famous for its trekking spot. There are several trek paths, via the Nandi hill, to suit the ability and strength of various kinds of trekkers, from newbies to experts. 

There is a simple pastoral way up the hills for beginners. For mid-level trekkers, there is a vertical trek up the Channarayana Hills. 

This is a brutal route. For the extreme devotees, there is a multi-terrain trek trajectory through grasslands, rivers, hard ways, and paved roads.


Hill scenery and camping amidst a mango orchard will permit you to complete memories for a lifetime. 

Get abandoned in multiple activities and feel the flawless blend of experience amidst serenity.

Flower orchards, a panoramic lake near the property, and the presence of unfamiliar birds make this campsite a perfect choice. 

 Things to do 

Forest trekking outdoor games can be played here such as volleyball and kabaddi, rain dance, indoor games can be played here such as carrom, cycling can be done in the valleys of flower orchard and through the scenic lake

The most exciting part out here is you can easily avail the barbeque which is available at the campsite.

Anthargange: When translated directly means “the Ganges from the depths”, and is a highly venerable trekking and camping spot.

 This is one of the few places close to Bangalore that integrates trekking, hiking, and cave exploration.

Trekkers gather here at night to explore the deep and hushed dens at Anthargange

 You can set up camp outside the caves and witness the night scenic beauty of the place as well as the beautiful mornings.


It is a town located in the rocky hills of Karnataka. 

The town is made in the very laps of nature with a view directly out of a fairy tale book. 

Key interests of the town are the Yoga and Bhoga Narasimha temples.

People from all parts of the county come to visit the temples. The town is also a famous camping site since its closeness to nature.

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