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7 Amazing Benefits Salesforce Digital 360 Offers 

Your customers are online, and they expect a top-notch digital experience. A survey of online consumers reveals that 80% of consumers are likely to purchase when offered personalized experiences. For most brands, however, deepening consumer relationships online is a challenge.  

By collecting data, creating target personas, and anticipating your customers future needs, you’ll be able to offer proactive service. It’s crucial to understand how they have interacted with your brand and create memorable moments for customers. 

Salesforce Digital 360 allows businesses to personalize the customer journey and use intelligent eCommerce. It’s crucial to capture and connect all your data for each customer for personalized interaction.  

With Salesforce Digital 360’s integrated platform, you can improve customer experience through seamless marketing that puts the buyers in the spotlight. The data-driven approach lets you deliver the right digital experience at the right time, exceeding their expectations. In the end, you achieve your business goals, and your customers are satisfied.  

Here are 7 benefits of using Salesforce Digital 360: 

1. Improve Customer Relationship 

Also known as direct-to-consumer sales or in-the-moment marketing, a customer-first approach puts your customer at the center of everything. Selling directly online allows you to build a meaningful personal relationship with your loyal customers. Thanks to its customer-first approach to marketing, this CRM tool lets you foresee a buyer’s expectations so you can deliver a stellar experience at every touchpoint. The advantage of this strategy is increased revenue and brand loyalty.  

Salesforce 360 digital combines Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Experience Cloud to enable you to own the eCommerce experience. You connect directly with customers while differentiating your company from competitors.  

2. Single Source of Data for Each Customer 

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Customers always fill out online forms, participate in surveys, sign up for email newsletters, and make inquiries via live chat. When they provide essential information during these processes, such as their name, city, email address, or birthday in exchange for a special offer or discount code, you get their data. Salesforce 360 consolidates your data into one customer profile per individual, enabling growth with corresponding data. And with Commerce Cloud, you can deliver relevant digital interactions.  

By working with one of the professional Salesforce Digital 360 Services, you’ll be able to take full advantage of this CRM to scale your business.  

3. Build Your Business on a Flexible Platform 

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Technology is constantly evolving. And what works one day becomes obsolete the next day as the business ecosystem changes. You may develop an app with much time and resources, and it doesn’t meet your business needs after w while. And creating new apps leads to lost opportunities and reduced customer experience.  

According to Statista, spending on digital technologies to improve business processes will reach $2.8 trillion by 2025 from $1.8 trillion in 2022. Salesforce Digital is flexible. It helps ensure you get more from your tech stack with its latest cloud-based system. You can scale your business and reshape it around digital products, cloud-native, and services. The platform recreates existing interactions with your current tech stack without reducing the quality of service.  

4. Engage Customer with Empathy 

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The disruptions brought by the COVID-19 pandemic caused great changes to how customers make decisions and value experiences. Trust and social and cultural issues now play a major role in how customers interact with a brand. They demand that brands engage socially, politically, and environmentally in a way that resonates with them. As such, companies are prioritizing authenticity over sales pitches.  

In addition, customers in this digital-first world expect personalized experiences across channels and platforms of their choice. They want the brand to demonstrate empathy. Digital 360 helps you innovate fast to keep up with customer demands for whom digital is the new normal.  

5. Seamlessly Launch Digital Experience  

Salesforce Experience Cloud gives your business process the features of a social platform. You can bring different teams up to speed by sharing data and files with external and internal users. It allows them to collaborate in real-time – no matter their location. With your key business process extended across offices and departments, as well as outward to partners and customers, everyone in your business ecosystem can service customers easily. This unified platform lets you close deals faster and gets work done seamlessly.  

Digital 360 is quick and easy to deploy. It makes it easy to be agile and adapt to new things. With tons of out-of-the-box, point-and-click tools, businesses can build and reconfigure apps fast. Besides, Salesforce provides industry-specific training modules and guides through Trailhead, its training platform.  

6. Sell Online from Anywhere 

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With Commerce Cloud payments, you can add a checkout portal that supports mobile wallets, credit cards, and even non-card methods on your website. The software also features advanced fraud protection and other safety and compliance features. You may install the payment gateway with a few clicks, and you don’t have to write code. In sum, you save time when launching online shops.  

Digital 360 offers developers a set of website templates, readymade apps, portals, and developer toolkits. These tools allow businesses to set up e-commerce storefronts, portals, and web pages, and connect to Salesforce Industry Clouds – in record time. It makes it easy to start small and add functionality as your business expands.  

7. Intelligent Commerce  

At the back-end of Digital 360, the integrated dashboards and easy-to-understand visuals make it easy to consume information. It also features built-in heat maps to track metrics such as clicks and engagement. User interaction metrics identify potential issues to tackle. And with the visual reporting dashboard, you can view customer journeys and emails, making it easier to analyze performance. 

In addition, Marketing Cloud simplifies loyalty management and audience segmentation. New integrations with social media channels such as Whatsapp and Snapchat improve customer engagement and make it more real-time.  

In Conclusion 

If you’re looking to scale your business digitalization and eCommerce, Salesforce Digital 360 offers innovative solutions. From Marketing Cloud to Commerce Cloud to Experience Cloud, you get everything you need to improve customer interactions. The all-in-one CRM enables direct-to-consumer sales while allowing you to reinvent your business with out-of-the-box tools. Unite your organization’s business process with Digital 360 and get the trusted data to deliver seamless interactions anywhere.  

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