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6 Weed Strains to Beat Anxiety and Pain 

If you are dealing with certain medical conditions such as pain and anxiety, weed can be an ideal recreational way to handle the situation promptly. However, certain strains top the list due to their effects on regulating pain and anxiety while providing relaxation. The double effects reduce the need to take multiple medications, eliminating any side effects.  

Many strains can help you deal with pain and anxiety. However, the selection can be challenging since you need to understand other aspects, including the strain variety, active components, and effects. These aspects are critical for determining the strain’s potency to handle your needs. Here are some strains that can help you through anxiety and pain.  

  1. Super Lemon Haze 

It gains its name from the lemon and citrus flavors and aromas, making it an attractive option. The scents are uplifting, refreshing, and have high-energy effects. The strain is 80% Indica and 20% Sativa, and the THC content is between 20-25%, making it a good remedy for handling pain and anxiety with an uplifting high. 

The mood-elevating effects and positive effects on pain make it suitable for relaxation needs. It can also help people with insomnia caused by various conditions, such as rapid eye and leg movement. By promoting good sleeping patterns, it can help you deal with sleep-related anxiety and general body tiredness. The use of this strain is limitless; however, ensure to read more on Super Lemon Haze weed strain to understand its other uses and effectiveness for handling conditions such as nausea, muscle pains, and lack of sleep.  

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  1. Cherry Wine 

This strain is one of the best for those with anxiety issues. The CBD concentration makes it potent for mild to severe anxiety, stress, and depression. Besides, it has less than 1% THC, which means you can use it anytime without feeling the psychoactive effects. Because of the low THC concentration, you can use it both day and night and still maintain your focus and concentration.  

If you are looking for an ideal strain for relaxation, you can try this strain. Moreover, Cherry Wine can deal with various pains, such as the back, soreness, neck, and others. Due to the effects on anxiety, pain, and relaxation, it is touted as an ideal supplement for athletes who may suffer muscle pains and other injuries while training. Furthermore, this strain can help people with insomnia address the condition by offering a calm, relaxed feeling, ensuring sufficient sleep. Make sure you shop from the best online weed dispensary in canada

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  1. Elektra  

The CBD content in this strain varies between 16% and more; however, the THC concentration is less than 1%. These concentration levels make Elektra ideal for those new to the weed industry and looking to address pain and anxiety. Besides, this is the best strain if you love powerful scents and flavors.  

It can easily counter the effects of anxiety and address pains, including inflammation and soreness. In addition, Elektra can soothe nerve pains associated with conditions such as diabetes. You can rely on this strain for body-specific pains, such as severe migraines and back pains. 

  1. Charlotte’s Web 

This is one of the weed strains ever to make headlines. Over time, it has proven as one of the most potent strains for dealing with mild to severe pains. It has a balanced THC and CBD concentration, and you can rely on it to deal with pains associated with conditions such as cancer chemotherapy sessions. Besides, a high CBD concentration enables the consumers to respond to anxiety and stress related to such conditions.  

The strain has extra active ingredients such as pinene and myrcene, which add to its capability to deal with inflammatory pains. It also has sedating effects, perfect for dealing with pain and anxiety. Remember to use the strain in small doses to avoid extreme psychoactive effects attributed to high THC and CBD concentrations.        

  1. Granddaddy Purple 

Introduced in 2013, this strain is suitable for anxiety and pain while offering the delicious aroma of grapes and berries. This strain is a hybrid of Purple Urkle and Big Bud, two suitable strains for dealing with pain and anxiety needs.  

The strain’s potency to deal with various types of pain makes it ideal for chronic, muscle, and other aches. Diabetes patients can also rely on it to deal with conditions such as severe nerve pains. However, consumers must use this strain wisely to avoid high effects, significantly when overdosed.  

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  1. The Northern Lights 

High Indica concentration makes this strain perfect for handling mild to extreme pains while helping users relax effectively. You can use this strain to deal with different pains without feeling high because the THC concentration is below 1%. Besides, it can help you manage nausea, joint aches, backaches, headaches, etc.  

The Northern Lights is potent for pain and anxiety because it contains CBD and CBN. The chemical composition also proves its effects on mental and physical relief. You can use it to improve mental stress and overall well-being. 

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The strains mentioned can help you handle pain and anxiety effectively. However, you need to be cautious to avoid side effects such as overdose. You also need to understand the prescription and the most suitable time of the day to use them. We advise using a strain with low CBD and THC concentrations for newbies.