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6 Ways Wearing Sunglasses Helps Improve Your Eye Health

Sunglasses are one of the most used accessories for fashion. There are plenty of styles that go well with different types of outfits. But sunglasses are unlike your other fashion accessories. They provide much more benefit than just going well with your summer or beach outfits. 

Aside from being a fashion accessory, a pair of sunglasses’ main purpose is to protect our eyes. May it be from the scorching heat or dust and wind, sunglasses act as a layer or protection for our eyes.

Also, diseases can develop if there’s continuous exposure to UVA and UVB rays. In fact, these harmful rays can lead to eye damage, skin cancer, and more

So, if you’re keen to protect your eyes and maintain their top health, read on! Below are some of the ways wearing sunglasses can help improve your eye health. 

  1. It Protects Your Eyes from UV Rays 

Like we previously mentioned, we use our eyes 100% of the time–from the moment we wake up until the time we go to sleep. And during the day, it can get damaged by being exposed to UVA and UVB rays. Some of the sicknesses our eyes can get from UV rays are: 

  1. Cataracts 
  2. Macular Damage 
  3. Photokeratitis 
  4. Pterygium

Luckily, these diseases can be easily prevented. Imagine how sunscreen protects our body when we are out from the heat. And that is what prescription sunglasses do to our eyes.

Using prescription sunglasses, you can ensure that you are 100% protected from the harmful UVA and UVB rays. With a pair of cool prescription sunglasses, adorned with a stylish design, you can even fashionably protect your eyes from the UV rays.

  1. It Protects You From Environmental Elements

UVA and UVB rays are not the only things that your eyes have to worry about. When you are out and enjoying the outdoors, there are a lot of harmful things that can go inside your eyes.

Prescription sunglasses can also act as a physical barrier against these environmental elements. Things such as dust, dirt and other small debris can get blown by the wind into your eyes. These sharp things can pierce through your delicate eyes and damage them. 

But with a physical barrier, these can help prevent these debris from getting close to your eyes and you can freely enjoy your time outdoors. 

  1. It Protects You From Skin Cancer 

The skin around our eyes is the thinnest and most sensitive skin that we can find on our body. Because of this it is also the most prone to getting skin cancer. I know it’s hard to believe but you can get skin cancer on your eyelids as well. 

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, melanoma, squamous carcinoma, and basal cell carcinoma are all possible skin cancers that you can get on your eyelids. About 90% of the skin cancers diagnosed are basal cell carcinomas and skin cancer is most commonly found on the lower eyelid. 

This is why we recommend that you use sunglasses all year round whenever you are going out into the sun. When you buy prescription sunglasses, make sure that it has 90-100% UVA and UVB protection. This is to make sure that not only are you stylish but that your sunglasses are doing their job. 

  1. Helps Your Eyes Heal 

Doctors also require you to wear prescription sunglasses after you’ve had surgery. These surgeries are usually visually correcting surgeries such as LASIK or PRK surgery. 

So, if you have recently undergone one, your doctor will require you to wear prescription glasses until after you have fully healed. If you do not, you may have further complications and can end up with even more damaged eyes. 

The reason behind is that after surgery your eyes are still healing and they will be much more sensitive than usual. Your normal eyes are already susceptible to UVA and UVB damage and after surgery they can be much more affected by UV rays. You may also suffer from light sensitivity and wearing prescription sunglasses can help you from that. 

Just like how your eyes are extra sensitive to UV rays, they are also sensitive to external debris. Your sunglasses can also prevent them from getting into your eyes. Wearing prescription glasses is mandatory for post-op care as this also prevents you from touching or scratching your eyes after surgery. 

  1. Sunglasses Help You Drive Safer 

Sunlight can be a distraction while you drive. The sun’s brightness and glare can often be a distraction as you drive. It may also lead to frequent squinting as your eyes will try to protect themselves from the sun. These can affect your vision while driving and can even cause an accident. 

Wearing prescription sunglasses can be an easy fix for this. If you can get polarized sunglasses it can be even more helpful. Wearing them can prevent you from squinting and help you utilize your full vision as you drive.

  1. Prevent Migraines and Headaches 

Source: Pexels

Sunlight is often a trigger for migraines and headaches. If you are the type of person who is sensitive to sunlight and is easily triggered by it, only 5-10 minutes in the sun can already cause you to have a headache or a migraine. Some people naturally have a low threshold for light while others are sensitive to light during attacks itself. 

Thankfully, wearing prescription sunglasses can be an easy fix for those of you who suffer from this condition. Since prescription sunglasses provide UV protection, have a tint and are polarized, you can immediately feel better and avoid getting triggered by sunlight altogether. 

What Should You Look for When Buying Prescription Sunglasses? 

Sunglasses are a fashion statement and an overall healthy product to use for your eyes if you buy the right ones. Here are some of the things you should be looking for when you buy prescription sunglasses: 

  • Blocks 90-100% of UVA and UVB rays; 
  • Polarized; 
  • Make sure they wrap-around or cover your eyes completely. 

There are many cheap prescription sunglasses available so your eyes can be protected and be fashionable without breaking the bank. Just make sure your sunglasses have the three factors you need to consider and you can be sure that you’re safe and protected from the sun and your environment! 



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