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6 Tips to Land a Job as an International Student in Durham UK

Durham is a popular city in northeast England, which is famous for various aspects. People from various parts of the globe come here to fulfill various purposes. Like other cities in the UK, a number of tourists can be witnessed in Durham also. Besides, a lot of people visit this fabulous city for building their careers. One more thing for which plenty of individuals can be seen in this city is education.  

The city is known for Durham University, where students from different parts of the world come to study. So, a huge rush can be witnessed in the places for student accommodation Durham. Some places are popular here, which offer world-class accommodation to the students. Two famous names in this regard are Dun Holm House Durham and Ernest Place Durham.

Quite obviously, the students who have come to get a degree in Durham keep a dream to build a good career. But, before this, many students like to do a job while studying. There may be one among the different reasons or both behind this. One reason may be that some of the students like to earn their expenses by themselves without depending upon their parents or guardians. The other one may be that it provides them a job experience and exposure in a different country, which may be helpful in their future career.

Whatever the reason is, it is for sure that a job search as an international student in Durham is the requirement for a number of international students getting an education here. In this article, you will read some tips for landing a job as an international student while living in student housing Durham.

How to Get a Job as an International Student: Six Major Tips to Follow

#1 Get a Job with the Help of Student Accommodation Service Providers

Today, the students prefer to contact the student accommodation service providers for booking a studio, room, or apartment in Durham or any other place abroad. These service providers offer an easy way of selecting and booking accommodation.

But, the services of accommodation service providers are not limited to this. They offer many other services to the student, among which job search is one of the prominent services without any second thought.

The accommodation service providers have partnerships with several job providers, which offer jobs in around seventy countries. So, you can visit the websites of the service providers and contact them for an appropriate job according to your requirement.

#2 Speak to University Career Team

You may find a career team in your university also, which may help you in this regard. You can discuss your aspirations, concerns, and qualification with the team. The university in which you are studying may have a close connection with certain industries. Therefore, you may get a job easily with the help of the university’s team.

In addition to this, the university also may have special arrangements for international students.  

#3 Visit Career Fairs

Visiting career fairs can be a great way to meet employers. Here, you can introduce yourself directly to the employers of different industries. Some of the career fairs may be organized in your university or college. On the other hand, there, may be some, which may take place somewhere else in Durham city.  

You can submit your resumes to some employers who may further consider you for the job if you fulfill their criteria. You may also instantly get some jobs at the fairs.

#4 Check the Online Job Boards

This is the most popular method that is used by everyone in the present scenario. You need to visit some reputed websites such as Reed, LinkedIn, Indeed, and more. You can get the jobs directly by uploading your CV and cover letter. Besides, you can also check the available jobs listed on the websites.

#5 Contact a Recruitment Agency in Durham

You may also find some recruitment agencies in Durham; however, it is suggested to first confirm its authenticity with your classmates who are indigenous to Durham, and some other sources such as internet reviews, etc.

You can tell your requirements to the recruitment agency you have contacted. You will get the job according to your requirements soon or within a few days with the help of a recruitment agency.

#6 Keep an Eye on Local Newspapers

This is a conventional yet effective method to search for a job. From time to time, you may get a job advertisement for a job, which may be suitable for you. You can directly apply to the companies and can get the job if you fulfill their criteria.

Final Thoughts

When you do a job in Durham while getting your education, you may also do some savings till you complete your degree course in this city. The job in Durham may also help you in exploring some different aspects of the city.

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