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6 tips to help international students quickly integrate into local life in the UK

As one of the most popular study abroad countries, the UK receives international students from all over the world every year. For these international students, the life of studying in the UK is undoubtedly a unique experience that will have a more or less impact on their lives. But no matter what, the first thing students who study in the UK should learn is how to quickly integrate into the local life.

1. Take advantage of Fresher’s Week

In order to welcome new students, universities in the UK will hold a “fresher’s week” one or two weeks before the start of the semester to help students who have just entered the university to quickly integrate into campus life. Schools often hold a variety of activities to welcome new students. During the fresher’s week, various clubs and student organizations will distribute various brochures and leaflets, and each exhibition director will promote itself to attract the attention of the freshmen. During this period, international students can actively participate in clubs they are interested in, which will not only enrich their extracurricular life, but also help them meet more like-minded friends.

2. Learn more about cultural differences and get along with foreign friends more

If you want to integrate into the local life in the UK as soon as possible, it is very necessary to understand some daily habits and cultural differences. Even after getting acquainted with new friends, you should also pay attention to social taboos.

When everyone comes to a new environment, they tend to grab those who are similar to themselves, so they are more willing to interact with students from the same country, which is a safe choice and makes us feel comfortable. It is normal for us to not be able to adapt and integrate well when we first study abroad, but we must try to get out of this comfort zone so that we can integrate into British life more quickly.

3. Improve your language proficiency

Some people may have doubts, didn’t everyone pass the language test before studying abroad and have basic communication skills?

But life is not an exam. In daily communication, everyone’s communication is a daily language with unique cultural colors, that is, slang. Forums, apps, TV shows, etc. are all very effective ways to learn slang.

4. Learn to chat actively and use social software more

To make friends abroad, social media is an important tool. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and other software can help you better integrate into life abroad.

Whether it’s getting along with roommates on weekdays, or attending a school party, please don’t always wait for others to be ice breakers, take courage, and those who dare to break the silence often win the favor of others. As for what to say, in fact, you can say anything, from weather, football to food, and even complaining about the confusion encountered in school together, which can quickly shorten the distance between you and the other party.

5. Participate in school clubs and group activities

The best way to make friends is to find people having the common topic or interest with you. In this case, you can participate in some clubs and group activities. Under this kind of common activity, you will naturally make some friends, and you will meet more like-minded people.

In addition to club activities, you can also regularly take short trips with friends, visit local museums or scenic spots, and taste food from different places, which can not only accumulate future conversations, but also enrich life experiences.

6. It’s actually important to be who you really are

Integrating into foreign society is a process of gradual growth and slow exploration. For international students, it is important to integrate into the new environment of studying abroad, but they must also respect their cultural background. We have our own cultural concepts, and we don’t have to cater to views we disagree with in order to maintain a relationship. Only when you have the courage to be yourself can you make true friends overseas. Be bold in expressing your own ideas, and don’t blindly doubt yourself in order to cater to other people’s interests and ways of thinking. Actively learn about the local culture, but also share your own stories and ideas with enthusiasm.