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6 Tips That Will Make Moving House Easier

Are you planning on moving to a new home in Australia? Hauling all your belongings across town can be difficult especially if you don’t have experience with moving. Some people struggle to pack their boxes or find the right vehicles to transport their belongings. 

In this post, we’ve provided 6 tips that will make it easier for you to move to your new home. You’ll find out about cage trailer hire that will make the process of moving easier on you and how to pack for your trip. Keep reading to move like a pro!

  1. Walk Through Your New Home Before Moving In 

When you saw the home you wanted to move into, chances are it was staged with furniture and artwork. We suggest walking through your new home when it’s empty. Seeing your home as a blank canvas gives you decorating ideas or plans on where your furniture will fit. 

A practical idea is to draw a rough sketch of the layout of each room. Note where power outlets are so you know where to place electronics such as television sets or lamps. 

Planning where to place all your belongings will save you time on the day of the move. Once your appliances and furniture are in position, you’ll have more organised space to unpack boxes.  

  1. Deep Clean Your New Home 

If the home that you’re moving into isn’t newly built, we recommend deep cleaning the house first. There may be dust inside cupboards or grime around sinks and taps. Here are areas you need to focus on: 

  • Disinfect bathroom toilets, floors sinks and taps
  • Deep clean carpets 
  • Remove dust from ceiling fans 
  • Wash windows
  • Wipe out clothing closets 
  • Disinfect kitchen cutlery draws 
  • Wipe door handles and light switches 
  • Disinfect the inside and outside of kitchen cupboards 
  1. Create a Moving Plan

Weeks before your move, create a moving plan. In this plan, have a schedule so that everything is packed and ready to go on the day of the move. Here’s what you should add to your plan: 

  • Materials you need for packing such as boxes, bubble wrap and labels. 
  • Schedule when you’d like to hire transportation to move belongings. 
  • Set up schedules to sort out utilities at your new home.  
  • Note how each room must be packed.  
  • How you’re going to pet- or childproof your new home. 
  • Deadlines for when each room needs to be packed up 
  • A list of items you want to donate 

The process of packing will go faster if everyone gives a helping hand, so assign tasks to each member of your family.

  1. Use The Opportunity to Purge Items You Don’t Need

If you’ve lived in your home for many years, chances are you’ve accumulated a lot of items that you no longer need or use. Moving gives you the perfect opportunity to get rid of old items and make more space in your new home. Consider the following:

  • Donating clothes you no longer need to charity 
  • Throwing away broken appliances 
  • Selling furniture you don’t need anymore
  • Giving glasses or cutlery to other family members

It should be noted that e-waste in Australia may be illegal in your state due to the Environment Protection (Waste to Resources) Policy 2010. Find out how you can dispose of electronics safely in your area.  

  1. Put Together a Packing Kit 

A packing kit is all the essentials you’ll need that first day such as toiletries or food. You don’t want to pack your essentials in a box because they may be difficult to find once you need them in the new space. Each member of your family should also pack a bag with the clothes they want to wear the first 48 hours after the move. 

Furthermore, you can pack lunchboxes for each person in case people get hungry during the move. You can also pack paper plates and disposable knives and forks so it’s easier for everyone to eat their meals. 

If you have animals, make sure to keep their bowls aside so you can give them food and water before and after the move. 

  1. Choose the Right Transportation 

One vital aspect of moving you need to consider is using the correct transportation for your belongings. Moving companies can be expensive and not suitable for short trips. You can do it yourself by hiring a trailer with a cage. It’s practical and more affordable. 

Additionally, if you have light vehicles such as a motorcycle you’ll need to consider motorbike trailer hire for safe transportation. Simply ensure that your belongings are secured correctly to the back of trailers to avoid accidents. 

Final Thoughts 

Moving to a new home is a thrilling change but it can also be challenging. As long as you create a plan and have the right transportation the move will be easier on you. Use the tips mentioned in this article to help you make moving to a new house less of a burden and more exciting!



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