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6 Reasons to Use Powder Coating for Steel Fabrication

The metal fabrication sector plays a crucial role in almost everything industry. This sector provides strong and long-lasting metals that physically support highways and structures. Most of these metals make everyday items, automobiles, and computers, etc.

The stainless steel fabrication process shapes, strengthens and supports the function of steel products we consume which requires expertise, creativity, and research.

However, the steel merchants in Sydney take metal finishing,  another aspect of the steel fabrication process, into consideration. Raw metals are powerful but have several weaknesses that affect their durability and performance. Hence, metal finishing is essential for everyone who manufactures long-lasting metal items.

When it comes to the finish for your manufacturing product, you have various alternatives, including powder coating and painting. Although paint is a more traditional method, it poses several colour and texture constraints. On the other hand, powder coating is a more advanced choice for finishing your metal fabricated products that are sometimes less expensive than painting.

Powder coating provides a professional appearance, increased durability, and lower environmental impact on your goods. These are just a few other advantages of using powder coating for your next stainless steel fabrication project in Sydney.

Let’s look at the advantages of powder coating in more detail:

1. Aesthetic Appeal:

The steel fabrication in Western Sydney widely used powder coating as it offers a range of conventional and innovative colour options to give your product a customised look.

You can even use the powder coating process to add texture and patterns. You can use these texture options to add glitter or wrinkles to custom parts or provide more resistance to manufactured pathways and stair rails.

Powder coating has significantly better surface quality than paint and the powder dissolves and blends to form an even surface. There is no possibility of inconsistent coverage, leaking, or spilling like paint.

Also, powder coating will not require scrubbing or repainting after application, as paint does. Furthermore, it forms a coating twice as heavy as paint, assuring a durable coating.

2. Increased Durability:

A powder coating is far more durable than paint, making it the ideal finishing option for stainless steel fabrication projects in Sydney. The powder coating is significantly more flexible than ordinary paint, enabling twisting and folding as the steel components shake and rotate.

Powder coating helps stainless steel parts withstand wear and tear caused by weather and other conditions due to its high resistance to scratches, peels and corrosion.

This type of coating is used outside or in a workplace environment which helps avoid steel part deterioration and increase the life of components, benefiting both you and your customers.

3. Environmental and Health Benefits:

Paint is not as ecologically friendly as powder coating. Liquid finishing solutions have Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that harm the environment once released into the atmosphere.

VOCs lead to environmental degradation and health concerns amongst people exposed to these substances. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has repeatedly warned about these compounds, claiming they are linked to cancer in animal experiments and other health issues like migraines, diarrhea, and fatigue.

Hence, a steel merchant in Sydney should use powder coating over liquid finishing materials to avoid such environmental hazards.

4. Cost-Effective:

The powder coating application is far more efficient than painting. It produces less waste due to the electromagnetic charge required to hold the powder to the surface. The applicator could sprinkle precisely the amount of product for the job, wasting as little as possible.

Moreover, you’ll save time and money as you no longer require extra drying time before moving on to the next stage. You can buy the raw materials you need for the job depending on the project’s exact size and specs, ensuring you don’t spend money on unnecessary resources.

The powder is less expensive than paint, leading to increased cost savings. Furthermore, powder coating takes significantly less room in storage than paint cans, requiring less storage space.

5. Various Applications in Metal Fabrication Projects:

Powder coating is a safe method of applying a negative charge to any metal product. This coating is excellent for steel projects as it provides a unique shape, dimension, or layout. The steel merchants in Sydney may create complicated designs without worrying about the finishing procedure.

6. Requires Less Maintenance:

There is some maintenance required after applying any finish coating. For example- paint coatings usually necessitate using special cleaners and periodic reapplication.

However, powder coating is easy to maintain and the only maintenance required is a light washing once in a while to keep the metal in good shape.

You can also clean the powder-coated products with any regular soap. You only have to wash and rinse the product with water to make your coat look fresh. The coating’s toughness and resistance will prevent corrosion and rust during cleaning.

Do you want your steel fabrication projects to last long, be strong, and look great? Yes, and powder coating will assist you in this task.

Have questions about our bespoke finishing services or want to learn more? Contact PRESTONS WELDING AND ENGINEERING today to get started on your next steel fabrication project.