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6 Leading Online Charity Apps For Nonprofits In 2022

Nonprofits face a constant struggle with fundraising, but fundraising platforms can be useful tools. These tools can help you run an effective fundraising campaign by providing features like custom donation forms, detailed reports, and integrated payment processing.

The impact of the Internet has completely transformed the way nonprofits operate. While traditional fundraising methods are still in use, online donation platforms and tools are taking it to new heights. In fact, according to statistics, overall online donations increased from 15% to 25% in the previous year.

Nonprofits can now raise millions of dollars for a good cause thanks to online fundraising. Your nonprofit can do the same thing if you have the right tools. Whether your organization has run dozens of fundraising efforts or is planning its first, these tools help you succeed.

6 dominant online charity apps in 2022

Nowadays, there is an app for almost everything, including fundraising. Smartphones have become almost ubiquitous in most parts of the world. Charities, nonprofits, and non-governmental organizations are bringing their fundraising campaigns to portable devices via fundraising apps.

It’s critical to have the right fundraising platform for your organization. But how do you make a decision when they’re all so different. Some platforms claim to be free but ask donors to pay an additional 5% to support the platform. Others have annual or one-time membership fees. There are also payment provider fees to think about, which vary by platform.

The following online fundraising platforms can help you streamline the fundraising process, expand your nonprofit’s reach, and encourage donors to give. They are as under

  1. Fundly

Fundly is a crowdfunding site that caters to both individuals and nonprofit organizations. You can personalize your donation page with Fundly and then share it with friends, coworkers, and family. Those same people can aid in your fundraising efforts by sharing the campaign on social media and raising awareness of your efforts.

Fundly’s guides, suggestions, and tutorials will walk you through the process even if you never run a campaign before. All donation pages are compatible with any browser and are mobile-friendly. The free Fundly iOS mobile app keeps you up to date and allows you to edit your campaign from anywhere using your phone.

Another great feature of Fundly is that there are no startup fees or other hidden costs, making the process of crowdfunding simple. Fundly users can create landing pages that are adaptable for all devices, including PCs, laptops, smartphones, and iPads. Fundly takes a 4.9% fee from every donation you receive, despite the fact that starting a fundraising campaign is free.

  1. Qgiv

Qgiv has everything you’ll need to succeed in your fundraising efforts. Donation forms, text fundraising, events, auctions, and peer-to-peer campaigns are all examples of this. Qgiv offers low-cost solutions to help you get started.

With just a few clicks, you can create and customize online donation forms. Furthermore, Qgiv places a strong emphasis on “donor experience,” which means that your donation forms will make an immediate impression on your donors. It increases the likelihood of receiving large sums of money in donations. Their donation forms are simple to use and allow your nonprofit to begin raising funds right away.

Qgiv has seven different plans, with the Start plan having no monthly fees. The price and features of paid plans vary, but the higher-level plans include the features and capabilities that can support them. Even a big non-profit with a lot of fundraising.

  1. GoFundMe 

One of the most cost-effective online donation platforms is GoFundMe Charity. It’s a fantastic free online fundraising platform that offers robust options for events, peer-to-peer fundraising, charity donations, and crowdfunding.

Unlimited campaigns, unrestricted data access, event registration and ticketing, in-platform messaging, and custom reporting are among the appealing features of GoFundMe Charity. They provide full support from their charity and social fundraising experts whenever needed and have a simple and quick setup.

The platform has already assisted in the raising of over $5 billion dollars. If you use this online donation platform, your fundraising campaign will be successful as well. GoFundMe Charity provides excellent customer service. When you’re in trouble, you can always reach out to one of their experts for assistance.

There are no subscription fees for this platform. They have two packages to choose from; Free and Flex. The option for donors to cover fees is the difference between the two. The Free package is only available for a limited time and is subject to change at any time due to promotional pricing.

  1. Donately

Donately claims that their features give your nonprofit more time to raise money online and that their software grows with you and has limitless possibilities. They concentrate on easy-to-understand solutions and appealing fundraising tools. You can easily streamline your fundraising efforts with Donately, which keeps everything in one place in a modern dashboard.

This feature-rich tool includes donation pages, embeddable donation forms, data reporting, peer-to-peer fundraising, and a slew of other options. As a result, you can get the most out of your fundraising and donor relationships. Nonprofits, churches, businesses, and agencies can use this platform. Donately offers text messaging tools to help your organization communicate and spread the word about your campaign.

Startup, Team, and Enterprise are the three pricing tiers available on Donately. A startup is a great option for small businesses because it costs $0 per month with a 4% platform fee. Donately Enterprise is for larger organizations, and it offers customized pricing.

  1. Double the Donation

Double the Donation can help you get the most out of your donations. One of the most popular matching gift software is Double the Donation. They assist small and medium-sized businesses and make matching gift requests simple for donors.

Donors can also use the matching gift database to see if their employers will match their gifts. It can aid in persuading donors to give or give more. They also provide easy-to-follow guidelines for donors.

In contrast to the other platforms on this list, Double the Donation is not a free online donation platform. The platform offers two different packages, with the basic package starting at $499 per year to kickstart your fundraising campaign.


To conclude, the key concept of this post is to provide the 6 massive online fundraising services for nonprofit organizations. In today’s world, we must all contribute in order to live in a world where everyone has the right to enjoy the necessities of life. All of the above-mentioned organizations and foundations share a common goal. That is, to assist humanity during these trying times. Whether minorities charity organization or poor charity organizations, their main goal is to assist the people and fulfill their needs and requirements. make sure you use the right online charity service apps for donation.

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