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6 Interesting Facts About Presidential OG Strain 

Presidential OG is a child of OG Kush. It is an Indica-dominant strain with very high THC content. It is a top-notch strain with a unique flavor and an enjoyable high. The high is from a THC content between 20 to 25 percent. You need to know that this strain is best after work and good if used for recovery after work. That is because the strain can get some users on the couch. After all, its body high is very effective and high, making it excellent for many varying users. Consumers have described the taste and aroma of this strain to be citrusy, piney, and woody. This strain is best for you if you want to close your day. 

  1. Origin  
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The strain, as mentioned above, is a first-class child of the OG kush x Bubblegum. It resulted from a classic cross that brought out a phenomenal strain bearing a unique flavor, a potent high, and a distinct jar appeal. It is the most natural strain to produce, thus ideal for beginner cultivars. It has a short flowering period of between 55 and 70 days, providing a substantial turn-around time.  

  1. Traits of Presidential OG seeds and Presidential OG 

The presidential OG possesses an unmistakable scent. If you open a presidential OG strain disposable containing the strain, your room will be filled with powerful aromas. The aromas will taste like citrus and pine with some hint of sweetness. The connoisseurs of the marijuana strain might be able to detect some scents-like skunk in the background. The traits will continue into the taste and add some more earthly flavors. This strain has some fantastic Indica typing which grants it incredibly dense nugs. You will also get some real pop from a few twisting orange pistils and streaks of minty green.  

  1. What are some of the strains of OG Kush?  
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  1. Tahoe OG 

It is the most notable OG Kush phenotype. It originates from seeds of the parent strain. The Tahoe OG nugs have numerous white trichomes and hairs. They also seem quite denser and darker than the original strain. However, it maintains the earthly citrus Kush’s smell.  

  1. Bubba Kush 

This is one of the most well-known strains of Kush. It results from an alleged Northern Lights accidentally pollinating a Kush strain. Additionally, it is an Indica-dominant powerhouse with top reported effects. Although it is a descendant of OG, the indica genetics in the lineage of Bubba give it an entirely different feel and look. Instead of the earthly Kush flavors and citrusy, Bubba nugs emit a grape-like and sweet aroma.  

  1. SFG OG 

This is also called in full the San Fernando Valley Kush OG. It is a renowned OG Kush phenotype. This strain will give you a pungent piney and lemony aroma which can be felt from a mile away.  

  1. Fire OG 

The cross of OG Kush with various SFV OG Kush produces this strain. This strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that can make you sleepy, relaxed, and hungry. The buds of Fire OG kick off a complex mix of piney, chemmy, and lemony scents, which look like they are flooded with orange and red hairs. This strain is not very popular but has vast potential. It is also called WiFi OG.  

  1. Headband 

The headband is due to the cross between the Sour Diesel hybrid and an OG Kush. Its reputation will give you cerebral effects wrapping around the head like a headband. After taking it, you will feel more focused and relaxed. The headband has an appearance like the other strains of OG with orange and green-colored buds.  

  1. True OG 

It OG came about as a result of breeding OG plants through backcrossing repeatedly until a perfect Indica-dominant OG Kush hybrid was found. This True OG possesses a more piney and skunkier aroma than the earthly OGs before.  

  1. GSC 

GSC possesses the most considerable impact on the culture of modern cannabis in comparison to all the strains that originated from or were influenced by OG Kush. Also, it has the most significant effect on the culture of contemporary cannabis. It is a cross of Durban Poison and OG Kush, producing bulbous nugs blanketed by white trichomes.  

4.  Flowering Time 

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Did you know that those grown indoors during the flowering time are different from those grown outdoors? The presidential OG could be grown indoors. It is thus perfect for hydroponics. The strain has a moderate yield of 17 ounces a square meter. If you establish a good setup in seven weeks, it might hasten or quicken its harvest time or period indoors. 

The presidential OG strains prefer and do well in a dry climate in outdoor growth. With the right conditions and proper care, the plant could be ready for harvesting in about 8-9 weeks with an average yield of twenty-one ounces. 

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55-65 days 


Short- 80m to 100 cm  


16 percent to 23 percent  


0.09 percent to 0.38 percent 


90% / 10% 


17 oz/square meter 


21 oz/ plant 


Dry climate 


Easy to grow 

5. Brands 

Various brands and forms of presidential OG strain come from different manufacturers and growers. Thousands of licenses are handed out in the USA alone, leading to a fragmented market with many local craft brands. Otherwise, some of the top ten brands include:  

  • Astroeight 
  • Procana 
  • Evolab 
  • Evolvd 
  • Vapemeds 
  • Apothecanna 
  • Cannassentials 
  • Loudpack 
  • Bakers Ranch Botanicals 
  • Folium Biosciences  

6. What Are The Available Strains Of OG Presidential Strain? 

Marijuana comes in three strains; Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains. However, if you search for the desired effect, you should have your favourite one. Because of cross-breeding generations, the OG strain has thousands of unique strains. A total average of 6766 strains are there. Some OG strains include; Sunberry, Jack Frost, Gushers, Dolato, Dragon Fruit, Shangri-La, Crescendo, and Ice Cream Cake, among others. 

Final Thought 

The OG presidential strain stands out for its exceptional qualities. Most people have this strain as their favorite because of its high THC levels and also because it is easy to grow. For medical purposes, this strain has been known to treat many conditions and medical issues. Therefore, as much as it could be used for recreation, the strain can also be beneficial for health benefits. 

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