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6 Android Applications to Help You Assist in WFH Activities

The pandemic has affected the working habits of a lot of people and given rise to remote working culture. According to stats from 2020, 62% of the people with a bachelor’s degree say they can take care of work responsibilities from home.  

For most employees, working from home is an appealing concept that gained further popularity amid the pandemic; another reason why internet service plans especially bundle plans like Spectrum bundle deals saw an increase in demand. Covid has been an eye-opener and is responsible for bringing the realization that working remotely can also be equally effective! 

Below are 6 android applications that can help you while remote working.  

To Do  

To-Do is an application by Microsoft that helps you schedule your tasks for the day. Basically, it is a day planner where you can set timelines for every task. The application pushes notifications regarding your tasks set for the day. On this app, you can set the plans for the same day or add them to your calendar. Its interface is super simple to use and there aren’t too many confusing options. Also, you can synchronize your daily tasks from your laptop as well.  

Making the plans for the day beforehand is more advisable than not planning the day. However, with remote working, it is easier to lose track of the time. So, using an application for planning can be a better choice.  

Google Meet 

Does your job require quick meetings where the team may have to present their work? If so, there is an application that allows you to join, set, start, and schedule meetings on the go. Google Meet is an excellent app for remote meetings. To start a meeting with this application, you have to create a meeting link and share it with the people you want to add. The application lets you present your screen to other members. Also, you can share important notes in the message option.  

Microsoft Teams 

For quick communications with your team members, Microsoft Teams is a popular application. You can download it on both your laptop and phone to not miss out on any messages. The application allows you to start video conferences, start voice calls, messages, and team meetings. Besides these features, it is a secure way to share files with your colleagues.  

Aside from communications, the application has other advanced options like setting the time of your shifts. So, it is a one up from regular communication applications.  


Asana is a project management application where you can schedule tasks, track and report progress, and share files. This application makes it very easy to plan and execute tasks when you are working with a team. In addition to project management, the application also allows you to communicate with the team via text messages. You can access Asana from phone applications (for Android and Apple), laptops, and from the website. 


A lot of people in tech have the habit of listening to music while working. It helps them focus on the task and cuts the background noise. An excellent android application for this purpose is Spotify. On Spotify, you get access to many genres of music and podcasts to listen to. 

You can create a playlist and listen to it when you are offline as well. The interface on Spotify is super easy to use. There are options of both paid subscription options and a free version. The free version has ads in it that can get annoying and limited options. Therefore, it is better to get a paid subscription and have access to most new and old music.  


The first thing you need to have for working from home is a remote job. You can find remote and freelance jobs on Upwork. It is a popular platform where you can work on freelance gigs and get full-time remote jobs as well. You can access on smart devices and computers, but downloading the application makes it more convenient to sign in to Upwork and scroll for suitable jobs.  

To land a job or freelance gig, you have to send proposals along with your cover letter. If the employer finds you suitable, they will reach you for an interview and hire you if you are suitable. This is how you can get jobs on Upwork.  

Quick Recap 

These were some android applications that can help you with different aspects of working from home experience. For communication with your team, you can use Google Meet or Microsoft Teams. Manage your work with To-Do or Asana. And to avoid any distractions, you can install Spotify on your device. Lastly, you can get work from home jobs from Upwork.   

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