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5 Ways to Add Warmth to Industrial-Style Design

Ever walked inside a beautiful industrial-style loft and felt like something was missing? Industrial-style design has a lot to offer in how they utilize space. But they can sometimes feel cold due to their use of materials like concrete and metal. 

Luckily there are plenty of ways you can add your personal style to an industrial space to make it cozier. If you’re looking to turn your open loft or office area into a comfy space, here are five ways to add warmth to the industrial-style design. 

1. Break Up the Space 

One of the key design features in industrial spaces is their openness. While this is perfect for some things, if you are living or working in an industrial space, it can feel a bit overwhelming. A great way to start adding warmth to industrial design is to figure out how to break up the space. 

If you have an industrial-style office, you can break up the space by creating designated working areas. These can be collaborative spaces with large tables to meet at. Or even smaller spaces with clusters of desks. 

If you’re in an apartment, try using bookshelves or decorative room dividers to break up your space. This way, you can have an area that feels like a cozy living room away from the bustle of your kitchen. Using a large space in many different ways can make it feel a lot less intimidating and warm. 

2. Decorate with Plants 

An easy way to make a space come to life is by adding plants. Not only do plants look beautiful, but they’ll add some freshness to your space. When working with industrial-style design, there are usually tons of windows so you can play around with all different types of plants.

If you’re worried about keeping them alive, try opting in for plants that don’t need a lot of attention like aloes, cacti, or pothos. Your plants can also be decorative pieces depending on the types of pots you get for them. 

3. Play with Texture 

Since industrial-style architecture usually uses sleek materials throughout the space, you can really add some warmth by adding textures. Your textures can be anywhere from an interesting rug to wall hangings or decorative pillows. Adding large carpets will dampen any echoes in a big industrial space and make it feel homier as well. 

You can try layering different carpets for a boho effect. Textures can also live in blankets or furniture pieces around your home. If you want to make a statement you can furnish your home with giant cushions or bean bags. 

4. Large Decor and Furniture

One way to decorate an industrial space is to use the empty space to your advantage. You can do this by getting large decor items. These can be giant posters and pieces of art to take up space along the walls. Large walls are also great for creating a gallery wall. You can take a bunch of different posters, artworks, and pictures and hang them all together along the wall. 

Adding art to your home can make it feel more personal. Architects want their industrial designs to make a statement and will follow helpful guides and tips to do so. So why not take that to heart and make your own statement with the art your choose for your industrial-style home?

Another way to accomplish this feeling is by choosing oversized furniture pieces. A large couch in one of the areas of your space can be a focal piece and gathering place. Pair these with giant bookcases or floor-to-ceiling curtains and the area will instantly fill in and feel cozier. 

5. Warm Lighting 

If your space is feeling too industrial, you can warm it up with the right lighting. There are plenty of lighting pieces that you can have installed in your home. Or you can keep it fun with decorative lamps throughout the space. Adding candles is also a great way to warm things up and keep them feeling calm and cozy. 


The industrial-style design has a great place in cities whether it’s an office or apartment. Although they can feel a bit overwhelming at first, there is so much space to play with, and turn into a cozy and comforting atmosphere. With the right decor and breaking up of space, you can enjoy a warm, industrial-style space.

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