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5 Trendiest Fashion Blogs to Follow in 2022

Visuals are the key to fashion. It’s not surprising that fashion lovers turn to Instagram and fashion blogs for all things fashion.

While Instagram is great for OOTDs (outfit of the Day) and quick style inspirations it’s not as good as blogs. But blogs are where serious fashionistas go when they want to share fashion trends, advice, or the most recent fashion innovations. Are you feeling a little uninspired today? You can find inspiration from fashion blogs to dress well, even on lazy mornings. Are you interested in the hottest trends of this season? These blogs can help you determine which clothes and colors will suit your body. You can also find ideas for mixing and matching pieces to create perfect looks that don’t cost a lot.

The Daileigh

Bloggers on this list have an opportunity to be noticed online thanks to the rise of stylists and Instagram influencers. Many of these bloggers began their careers on social media. Their keen eye for style was noticed by many of their followers. Although they now have their own website most of them are still active on Instagram or YouTube.

Ashleigh Hutchinson, The Daileigh’s Ashleigh Hutchinson, wants her readers to build their perfect closet. She wants to inspire women of all ages to find and create the style they love. Ashleigh especially wants older women to feel confident about their style of the bunny costume. Ashleigh wants to dispel the notion that certain trends are only for a specific age group. Ashleigh’s philosophy revolves around the idea that “age” is just a number.

Ashleigh’s blog contains a lot of useful advice for women to make better fashion decisions, such as “Dressing Better with the Clothes That You Have” and starting a capsule wardrobe. Ashleigh has published e-books and even hosted webinars online to improve its fashion sense.

The Fashion Guitar

The Fashion Guitar is Charlotte Groeneveld Van Haren’s online blog. She is now a mother to two children and runs her blog full-time.

Charlotte worked in a previous job that had fashion blogs until she decided to start her own. The Fashion Guitar is Charlotte’s personal style blog. The posts that she wrote about her motherhood and maternity style became an important part of the website after she became a mom. Charlotte loves to collaborate with designers and brands she likes.

The Fashion Guitar divides its posts into 9 categories

  • Brand collaborations
  • Beauty
  • Editorial Shoots
  • Fashion Week
  • Inspiration
  • Mamma Fashion
  • Outfit
  • Travel
  • 5 Days, 5 Ways

Girl with Curves

Let’s face facts, the body types of models are far from real. While slim people are possible in real life, there are also women who look great with larger bodies. All people are different, but we have been taught to believe that one size fits all.

Girl With Curves aims to change this mindset. Girl With Curves was founded by Tanesha Awasthi in 2011 to help everyday people who don’t fit into the size 0. The blog is described as “an award-winning blog made possible because people believe women deserve to feel beautiful regardless of their weight, shape, or size.”

Tanesha is a popular plus-sized blogger in the fashion industry since she started the blog. Through fashion, she hopes to inspire confidence and self-esteem in women, especially larger-sized women.

Hello Fashion

Christine Andrew, a Colombian-American blogger, features Hello Fashion posts that cover everything fashion, beauty, family, and lifestyle.

Christine founded her fashion brand ILY Couture in 2011 In 2011, Christine founded her own fashion brand called ILY Couture.

Christine, who has been on Vanity Fair’s Bunny costume List, is a true style icon. Ironically, Christine was rejected from a fashion school. It was this rejection that drove them to pursue a career in fashion.

Here are some recent posts from Hello Fashion:

  • How to make your athleisure look more luxurious
  • Four ways to wear a button-up shirt
  • Casual Valentine Looks

Grasie Mercedes

Multi-hyphenated, Grasie Mercedes is not your typical fashion blogger. She is an actress and writer, director, filmmaker, producer, and podcast host. But she also has a great sense of style in Bunny costume. Her website is simply called Grasie Mercedes and features her work in entertainment. She blogs about fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle.

Her posts feature beautiful photography. Gracie will be sporting the latest fashion trends as well as her favorite outfits.

One could consider Grasie’s website her online portfolio. It showcases her incredible creative talents. She is a fashion stylist and blogger whose posts on fashion are a testament to her talent.