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5 top benefits of having a static/ dedicated IP address

Remote working and home office work modes have set the new digital world trends. Undoubtedly, it has offered many people great ease concerning their working environments. However, this tectonic shift has also opened the way to massive cyber security threats.

According to the IT leaders, “Remote workers are most vulnerable to security threats, and there is a ransomware attack every 11 seconds in 2022”.

Hence, it is believed that getting a is the best option for remote teams. Indeed,performance and security are only some of the benefits of having a dedicated IP address or a static IP. So, let’s delve into the IP address, the types, various benefits it offers us, and the disadvantages.

What is an IP address?

IP, referring to the Internet Protocol, is a numeric value that serves as an address or network interface to the connected device for communication. Devices utilize these IP addresses to communicate and transfer or share information over the web servers. Furthermore, it can trace a device’s exact location or website on the network of interest.

This address comprises a string of four numbers such as x.x.x.x that may range up to 255. Getting a secure dedicated IP address on cheap dedicated server India has proven the best practice for companies, especially those with remote working teams.

Types of IP addresses

During the early days of my experience in the digital marketing world, I didn’t have the slightest idea that there may be different types of IP addresses. Hence, I wish you to be well-acquainted with the correct information before making any critical decision for your company network. 

Mainly, there are four different types of IP addresses as follows.

  • Private IP address: The private IPs operate in a local network. The router designates an IP address for each device to communicate internally.
  • Public IP address: Theinternet providers assign the devices with publicIPs to access the internet. Furthermore, all the devices connected to the same internet have the same IP address. 
  • Dynamic IP address: The mostcommon IP address is the dynamic IP address that keeps changing regularly. Furthermore, they activate for some time and then expire. The devices automatically receive a new IP address upon expiration or make a request for a new one. 
  • Static or dedicated IP address: Dedicated IPs are manually created for the proven satisfactory dedicated servers that host the website and services with the email and FTP services. Hence, dedicated IPs serve as the unique identifier that direct the location of the machines on the network of interest.

Benefits of having a dedicated IP 

Despite being a costly option, most website owners prefer to own a dedicated IP on satisfactory server hosting, especially with the shared hosting, due to various advantages such as follows.

1. Risk of IP Blacklisting

The primary advantage of a dedicated IP is that it reduces the risk blacklisting your IP to the minimum. This is because different websites use the same IP address in the case of shared IP addresses. Therefore, any website sending our malware, propagating viruses and spam content puts the other neighbouring websites at risk and harms their reputation.

However, this is not the case with a dedicated IP address. Indeed, having a dedicated IP from a reliable service provider such as Navicosoft keeps you from such a risk because your IP address is yours only. Hence, you can easily access all your streaming services without any perils. 

2. Remote access

Satisfactory server hosting offering dedicated IPs serve you with efficient and secure access to the website resources. All the users using the same network can access the cloud-based network safely. In any security breach, the problem can be easily identified due to each employee’s unique IP address. 

3. Email benefits

Dedicated IP serves you with efficient deliverability as well. Email servers such as Yahoo and Gmail double-check the emails from the emails hosted on shared IPs. Indeed, the risk of spam emails from such IPs is more prone to spam. On the other hand, the emails hosted on a satisfactory server hosting with dedicated IP address are more reliable. Hence, offering efficient deliverability. 

4. Allow listing the IP addresses

Having a serves you with extensive control. For example, you can easily control the access to specific resources by allowing them access to certain accounts only via allow listing the dedicated IPs and the teams to access the gateways of your choice. 

5. External and internal breaches

Dedicated IP with a business VPN guarantees the safety and anonymity of the users that access the network. The traffic is also encrypted, which further reduces the risk of malicious attacks from outside the network. Furthermore, you can also utilize custom team gateway access and company servers to control the permissions and keep sensitive data safe. 

6. File Transfer Protoco

Dedicated IP facilitates you well for establishing a File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Hence, you can share the files with dedicated IP in a secure environment. Indeed, it serves you with protected and faster File Transfer rates.

7. Third-party scripts and applications

It has been observed that specific third-party applications and scripts require you to have a dedicated IP. Therefore, having a dedicated IP address on a satisfactory dedicated server from a reputable service provider serves as the best combo for your business. 

Disadvantages of Dedicated IP

Just like any other feature, dedicated IP also poses some constraints on the users, such as

  • You will have to pay more for a dedicated IP which may vary from a few dollars per month to more than 100 dollars in a year.  
  • You will be less anonymous with a dedicated IP address because the audience can easily link you in person with a specific address. 
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