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5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Tent Ventilation Kit 

Proper ventilation is one of the essential factors in the growth of plants. Fresh air is necessary to remove stale air and is also a crucial element that assists in producing pigments and energy for plants. Proper ventilation also makes a massive difference in plants’ growth, health, and production. However, this article will demonstrate the tips for picking the perfect tent ventilation kit. 

  • 5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Tent Ventilation Kit: 
  1. Size of the Grow Tent 

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Before purchasing your preferred grow tent ventilation kit, you must correctly measure the width, length, and height of the space where you want to place your grow tent. To have ample space and easy setup and maintenance, you must consider the following points:  

  • Ensure that your tent is relatively smaller than the space. 
  • Ensure you determine your gardening goals along with the size of the tent you intend to invest in. 
  • Most importantly, ask yourself how many plants you plan to grow and how big you want the plants to grow. 

Your plants’ size predominantly affects the kind of tents you will be looking at. Another consideration is whether you want to begin continuous harvesting or if you are planning to grow in distinct cycles. Continuous harvesters will usually require one tent for vegging, the other for flowering, and a third tent for drying and curing. Since container sizes and plant strains vary, the number of grown plants in every tent will be subjective.  

Some growers love growing smaller plants and harvesting them frequently, while others prefer having a couple of plants and training them to grow wide. Depending on how you want to grow your plants, you need to consider the size of your tent before choosing a suitable tent ventilation kit. 

  1. Growing style-Multiple Chambers or Multiple Tents 

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As mentioned earlier, most growers prefer having two different tents for flowering and vegging. However, some tents come with multiple chambers in a single tent for a similar purpose.  Various sections are convenient and contain separate chambers for vegging, propagation, and flowering. Such sections make everything more organized.  

However, the tents include limited space for vegging. Therefore, it is still recommended that you have two separate tents to allow the growing of bigger plants for greater yields. Ensure you could have another tent for harvesting, which will let you set up a perpetual harvest and possess a constant plant flowering supply. 

  1. Heat and Humidity in Grow Room 

While selecting a good tent ventilation kit, you will have to factor in the amount of heat and humidity that your plants require for optimal growth. Temperatures beyond 85 degrees Fahrenheit or below 55 degrees Fahrenheit will lead to stunted growth in plants. Humidity control varies in open-loop ventilation systems compared to closed-loop ventilation systems. Therefore, you would need a ventilation kit that caters to all systems and ensures that the tent has optimal humidity and temperature.  

The ventilation kit you choose must hold a display screen and a temperature monitor. That is important for having a good track of maximum and minimum temperature and humidity. Also, ensure that it must hold a hygrometer with selectable units. That enables easy switching between Celsius or Fahrenheit for simplicity. It should also feature a calendar and a clock. 

  1. It should have an Inline Fan 

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The best kit is the one that consumes the minimum amount of energy. Thus, it should have an inline fan that consumes as low as 20 Watts of energy. It should be heavy in energy-saving and pretty silent for the same reason. A low energy-consuming product will save you a lot of costs in the long run. 

  1. Choose from the Top Brands 

The top brands of tent ventilation have the latest and the most advanced technologies. Therefore, as you look for the best kit, consider the following options: 

  • IPower Ventilation Kit with Monitor 

This features a heat removal system sling with the ventilation kit that removes terrible odor from the grow tent. Additionally, it has good handy size, perfect for any grow room size. It possesses fantastic features, including:  

  • A fan blower 
  • An inline carbon filters 
  • A fan speed controller 
  • A temperature monitors 
  • An extendable duct 
  • Topogrow’s Hydroponic Grow Tent Ventilation Kit 

Topo Grow Company is known for its kits, which are among the best in the industry. Every accessory and part is inspected fully for quality and performance. Additionally, they possess outstanding and thorough service. The Hydroponic Grow Tent Ventilation Kit of Topogrow is easy to set up and has a feature of manual guidelines, making setting up very simple. It can also accommodate two medium-sized plants or four small ones, perfect for beginners. 

  • PrimeGarden’s Ventilation System 

It provides an ideal setup for growers who desire to upgrade their current system. It holds more than the essential items with most kits, including the filter, fan, and duct. It also has the timer, the most popular item allowing you to automate lighting so that you will not need to switch the lights constantly. It also possesses a hygrometer that displays humidity and temperature accurately in the grow tent. 

Final Thought 

Tent room ventilation kits are effective in keeping plants healthy and alive. Such kits are a significant factor in your plant growth. The above is a simple guide containing helpful information for keeping your plants healthy. 

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