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5 Tips About Employee Computer Activity Monitoring Software You Can’t Afford to Miss

Employee Computer Activity Monitoring Software is computer software that can monitor the activities of all the employees of a company. The software can track all the activity on employee computers including what they edit, download, email, upload, and so on. With this software, all employee activity can be tracked and monitored.

This is a very upsetting development for employees, who are now concerned about what kind of data employers are keeping on them. But this worry is unfounded. Employers can’t read your emails or track your browsing history without your explicit consent. However, there are some technologies that can be used to monitor employee computer activity without the need for consent.

What is Employee Computer Activity Monitoring Software?

Employee Computer Activity Monitoring Software is an all-in-one monitoring solution that allows employers to manage and monitor employee computer activities. This software is designed to track, control, and log all activities that take place on the employees’ computers. This software is extremely useful for employers who want to monitor employees’ activities on their desktops.

The Desktop Activity Time Tracking Software will increase your productivity while also bridging the communication gap between managers and employees. This will also help you to improve and optimize your business processes.

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Here are 5 tips to help you monitor employee computer activity

  1. Screen Capture

Screen capturing work for employees to check their activity is important. It will help you to keep track of who is working and how much time they spend. You can use the screen capture software on your computer to record the information and save it on any file. The following article will show you how to capture the screen of your employees. 

  1. Advanced Monitoring Format

DeskTrack’s core monitoring structure is a high-performance video that is compiled with multilayer communications data such as active application identities, window titles, websites (URLs) visited, keystroke types, commands and scripts executed, and devices connected.

  1. Real-time monitoring and alerting system for the user activity

User activity is a vital component of user experience. But without a comprehensive monitoring system, the user’s experience can be very erratic and inefficient. Read more about how we monitor and alert on real-time user activity across the entire app to ensure every interaction is seamless.

  1. Record Filtering

Thousands of user actions are logged by software that monitors user activity on a typical day. Solutions for monitoring the computer activity of a group of privileged users should include tools for more focused logging.

  1. Ongoing Monitoring

Offline monitoring is a feature of Automated Daily Activity Reports. If the client’s network connection fails, the DeskTrack Client will continue to operate, collecting monitoring data in secure storage on the client and sending it to the central storage via a performance-aware protocol once the connection is restored.


Activity on the Desktop Time tracking is the process of properly managing time by observing and recording the time spent on the desktop. The window application allows you to track the total time spent working on projects, as well as run, manage, and review timesheets.

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