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5 Steps To Plant Prunus Laurocerasus Rotundifolia

Prunus laurocerasus is usually known as cherry laurel. It’s adaptable and can thrive in any environment. Due to high growing habits, it can kill other plants. It can grow 5-18 cm. Due to its evergreen leaves, it looks beautiful in the garden. You can quickly grow these plants in shade or full sunlight. If you are a passionate gardener, here are the tips on how to plant Prunus Laurocerasus Rotundifolia.

  1. For planting the prunus, one needs to find ideal soil. This plant can easily grow in any environment. They are easily planted in extreme temperatures and drought. For planting this tree, it is essential to use the correct soil with nutrients. The ideal soil for it is clay, alkaline, and loam.
  2.  For fertilizing these plants, it is advisable to follow package instructions. Do not give extra fertilizer that can damage roots. So use a fertilizer that includes sulfur and iron. If you find any types of caterpillar or borers, use organic pesticides like neem oil., 
  3. After preparing the soil, you must mark the planting area with a garden line. Dig a trench that is twice the height and width of a clod. Add organic material to trench soil. Check the soil condition; if the soil structure is heavy, then break soil near the trench so the roots can quickly grow.
  4. The trench should be 1 cm or 2cm deeper. Put the plant in a trench and fill it with soil mixture. Use your feet and gently put them down. Keep the plant straight with the help of clod.
  5. Watering is another essential item in planting. These plants consume less water than normal if the soil is adequately wet. However, if you find out the soil is dry, you should give them water. Always check the water to reach the roots. The best time to give water is in the morning. According to Plant Judo, during winter, the plant can lose its moisture to maintain water during this season. So you can also contact judo if you find any problems in planting. The organization gives expert advice to young gardeners.

Tips to Remember

  • Purus Laurocerasus quickly grows, so it is better to prune in spring. 
  • Check the roots regularly for the young plants. The summer rains may not give enough moisture, so water could evaporate from the soil. Better to keep watering on every alternative day.


Once the plant is established in a new environment, it requires low maintenance. In every habitat, these plants may thrive. So if you want more greenery, plant these shrubs inside and outside your garden. If you plant these shrubs with enough sunlight, they can grow quickly. Once the plants grow, you can trim and give them any shape. You must take care of watering and moist soil and protect it from infection.

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