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5 Reasons It’s Good to Go to Concerts

Going to live concerts is often connected with having a lot of fun, which of course, it’s accurate. Still, many other aspects are more than valuable reasons to attend a concert of any kind. Even more interesting is that you get many benefits without knowing.  

And now is the perfect time to see your favorite singer or musician perform live since it’s summertime—the best time of year to have a lot of fun with your beloved friends. Before addressing the other five reasons it’s good to go to a concert besides having fun, you should know that these benefits apply to most concerts. Also, a quick tip for you is to always purchase tickets on sale legit because you need to protect yourself from scams.  

Still, before buying your concert tickets, let’s see the five reasons.       

Concerts Burn Calories

Yes, you read that right; going to live concerts helps you burn calories in a significant amount. The reason being is because they involve a lot of dancing, standing, and jumping, which helps you burn calories a great deal. Plus, you will have a lot of fun while doing it while also not knowing you are losing weight. Isn’t that amazing? You exercise by having a tremendous amount of fun with your friends! 

Of course, it’s not the same as going to the gym or playing basketball with other people, but it’s most certainly better than sitting at home on the couch or playing online games on your smartphone. Moreover, even walking before and after the show from and to the parking lot burns more calories than what you would usually lose on a regular night or day at the same time.   

Reduction of Stress

Many studies examining themes about what happens to people at concerts have found that stress reduction occurs in most people and on most occasions.  

The main reason is that live musical performances decrease the level of release of cortisol, among other stress hormones. They often discover that stress level decreases, and in some cases, in a significant manner, after going to a live concert. And you can imagine that it is even better if someone goes to a live concert of their favorite singer or band.  

Furthermore, the results are even better if one goes to a more classical or orchestral concert, which is logical. Still, a live performance of any kind can be beneficial when it comes to stress reduction because you literally ‘’get it out of your system’’.  

Memories, Beautiful Memories 

Life is about making and telling stories in a meaningful manner. We had done it for centuries, from when our ancestors drew stories on walls until today when we can use a laptop and write. But before we can tell a story, first we need experience. And live concerts are a perfect place to create beautiful stories; therefore, wonderful memories. 

Having the experience to make memories and share stories is a privilege, and some of the best ones happen while on a live concert. Even better, it doesn’t matter if it’s a solo concert, a music festival, indoor or outdoor. Anything is possible when the energy is correct, and you are with the right people. The unforgettable nights watching your favorite musician, getting to know new friends and meeting your future husband or wife are only some of the many beautiful memories concerts create.

A Chance to Meet and Greet

Try to answer this question – What other place gives you the possibility to meet your favorite singer? That’s right; it’s difficult to come up with an answer rather than going to a concert. Of course, you will have to buy Meet and Greet concert tickets, but it’s worth every penny since you hang out with your musical hero. They will sign autographs; you can take a picture with them, have a chat, etc.  

And what is even more impressive is that going to a concert of a band that is not among the superstars, you may meet them without meet and greet tickets after the show. Some band members like to hang out with people from the audience afterward and have an after-party. Once again, you will create some beautiful memories that will last a lifetime! 

Discover New Musicians

You may be surprised, but some people like to attend live concerts by singers or bands they don’t know anything about to discover new talents in the music world. This habit applies even more to music festivals since you can watch many performers you hear of for the first time in your life. 

Also, it’s sometimes interesting to buy a ticket and go to a concert of a performer you don’t know since they may become your new favorite musician. And the most exciting part is that you may discover the new ‘’Elvis’’, the new ‘’Adele’’ or the new ‘’Metallica’’ just by attending a show out of curiosity. Once again, you will be able to tell stories years after they become famous about how you knew them even before they became popular.  

So, please hurry up to buy concert tickets and besides having fun, get the best out of these five benefits since nothing is as entertaining and beneficial at the same time as a live concert! 



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