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5 Paint Schemes to Make Your Guest Room Feel Like a Hotel

It does not matter how many days the visitor stays in your guest room. What matters is the degree of comfort and convenience a sightseer or tourist experiences during their stay. So, as an honest host, your first job is to introduce intricate elements to improve their experience.

Talking about intricacies, do you know what defines a quality guest room? Is it the accessories installed, furniture, or aroma? While these elements are vital, going wrong with your guest room wall colours can be a massive mistake. Instil any of these (below-offered) paint ideas into your guest house to bring a luxurious touch. So, let’s begin demonstrating them one after the other.

1.   Accentuate Pale Blue with a Hint of Opulence

Blue is forever eye-soothing. But a pale blue hue will only make your guests go gaga over the design. But with pale blue, never go wrong with the ceiling by keeping it white. Make it more interesting by installing wallpapers on your ceiling. That will add more cosiness to your room.

2.   Spice up Warm Colours to Complement an Inviting Space

Wouldn’t you want to make your guest feel warm and cosy in an inviting space? That’s where adding warm and bright colours makes all the difference. Embrace a simplistic balance of earthy tones blended with bold hues. Incorporate a tinge of personal style inside your room.

One quick note: Rust is one of the most fan-favourite wall colours for a comforting guest room.

3.   Compliment with Contrasting Hues and Take the Style to Newer Levels

How about choosing dark and light blue paints with light grey undertones? You can use this colour combination to highlight those walls. Implement a darker trim colour that accentuates your walls well. Blue usually blends in well with grey. Not to forget, it offers a subtle background for wall decoratives.

4.   Go Bold with an Orange Zest

Not all guests like calming and soothing colours. A few like energetic and bold hues that describe their true self. So, what about adding bolder statements to your guest room to make them feel like home? A wonderful blend of luxury and bold orange depicts a warm tone bringing in more positivity. Besides imparting happiness and joy, this colour goes great with white and red.

5.   A Bright White Room

Although a white room needs much maintenance, it’s one of the sought-after and budget-friendly painting investments. White is a universal hue that brings positivity and natural brightness into the space. Different shades of white make less spacious guest rooms look bigger.

But remember, wall paints are one of the most critical Interior wall coatings besides wall primers and sealers. So, ensure that you choose quality wall paint.

A Final Note

A visitor always chooses a guest house over a hotel, mainly because of the pricing range. But if that made them choose you, wouldn’t you go the extra mile and enhance your guest’s experience? Start off by adding a luxurious element with the right wall colour selections. Opt for any of the ones mentioned above and make your guests happy.



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