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5 Packaging Trends for Ecommerce Businesses 2022

With the rise of unboxing videos on social media, packaging has become crucial as never before. Not only will it say a lot about your brand, but it will also be the make or break point for counting on your customers. Competition is already keeping brands on their toes, and advancing your packaging is the main challenge to overcome. There are many options and variations to choose from while selecting the ‘ideal’ packaging for your brand. The right packaging can do wonders for you. So, here’s an article that will help you win the packaging game like a pro.

Create a Wholesome Unboxing Experience 

Suppose you saw two unboxing videos of the same coffee mugs sold by two different brands:

One video of someone unboxing the coffee mugs they bought from the XYZ store. While unboxing it, they mentioned how safely they had packed the product and how cute the packaging was. 

In the second video, someone unboxes the coffee mugs they ordered from the ABC store. Here, they mention that there was a QR code tucked in the bow, which, after scanning, turned into a personalized message. Later they say that as soon as they opened the package, they smelt the aroma of the coffee, they received a special coupon with a discount for the next purchase, there were few coffee sachets, and the packaging was safe. 

Tell me, honestly, which brand will you opt for buying the same coffee mug? I can bet on you choosing the ABC company. 

Packaging is not just about wrapping the product in a fancy and safe way; it’s about enhancing the whole unboxing experience. That’s how people will remember your brand.  

Add the senses of touch and smell to make them feel the product’s essence. Involve them in the process of unboxing with easy but playful packaging. Include technology in your packaging relevantly; QR codes are the best example here. 

Some of the suggestions are personalizing the packaging as much as possible, adding their names, a personalized message, and personalized discount coupons as per their search relevancy. You can even let them personalize their packaging using the Magento Product Designer Tool. It will enable customizations on your Magento store to let customers select and design their packaging.

You also need to ensure that your packaging keeps the product safe from any damage with all of these. Never compromise on safety because everything will go in vain if the customer receives damaged products. 

Choose Environment-Friendly Packaging. Always!

Saving the environment is a duty we all must fulfill, but there are times when one needs to choose materials like plastic to secure their products from all damage. However, in order to save the environment and keep your products safe at the same time, you can use environmentally friendly materials. 

The best example would be water-based barrier coatings. These coatings work similarly to plastics other than the fact that they are environmentally friendly. These materials can save your products from any climate damage or water damage. There are numerous such environment-friendly materials, search them, and you will have all you need. 

You can even use recycled paper bags, newspapers, or other recycled or recyclable packaging. 

Providing packaging that can be useful for other work is also a way to save the environment. 

The most trending environmentally friendly packaging would be packing your products with plantable paper. You can stick a note with it instructing them to plant the paper and watch them grow into beautiful plants. 

This also catches customers’ attention and can earn you plenty of respect and response for saving the environment.

Stay Relevant to Your Brand

Relevance is crucial in almost everything, and packaging is no different. Staying relevant to your brand and products helps tailor the perfect packaging for customer satisfaction and market your brand correctly. 

You can select a color that goes with your brand’s logo and motto. Then include the packaging of those colors, stamp your brand’s logo, put your business cards with the products, include social media handles, etc. This will increase brand awareness, and people can reach out to you easily. You can customize stickers, packaging papers, cloth bags, etc., by using an online product designer tool. This will help you customize every merchandise for your brand to market it wherever possible.

Freebies are the Sales Magnets

You, me, your customers, everyone loves freebies. It’s a never-failing sales booster strategy. Here, you can also add your less-selling products as freebies. You can also include relevant freebies like newly launched products, a product that may complement the purchased product well, etc. It will make customers happy and will save you from total loss. 

Plus, receiving freebies will generate word-of-mouth marketing from customers. When they post your products and freebies, it has a high chance of attracting more customers to your store. Eventually, all this will increase sales and receive popularity.

Festive Vibes Check!

There’s normally a huge rise in order numbers when the festivals are around, and to make people’s gift or purchase more special, make your products wear some of those festive vibes. Grab a theme relevant to that festival and ensure that from packaging paper to the freebies, everything falls under that theme. 

People will prefer buying from you as they don’t have to spend dollars or hours packaging the ordered gifts. You already do it for them! You can also add some festive discount offers that are valid only till the festival ends. This will attract good traffic and sales to your store. 

You can let customers customize packaging as per festivals by using the Online product designer tool. This lets you provide personalizations on everything from products to packaging for your customers. 

Wrapping it Up

Ensure that the quality of your packaging complements the quality of your products well. Stickers, stamps, QR codes, and business cards should not be forgotten for marketing your brand. 

Include free samples, handwritten letters, and lots of love to show how grateful you are for their orders. Make your customers feel special and valued with your packaging efforts and product quality. This is how you turn more customers into loyal ones. 

Use technology like Magento Product Designer to enable all-over customization and let your customers enjoy the therapy of packaging. Be creative and relevant while selecting packaging for your products. Happy packaging!

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