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5 of the Coolest Eco-Homes Available In The UK - Mazing US
Friday, February 23, 2024
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5 of the Coolest Eco-Homes Available In The UK

Whether you are an eco-enthusiast, a tree hugger, or simply cannot bear the thought of being carbon neutral, there is nothing wrong with wanting to reduce, or at least minimise, your impact on the environment.

Going green may appear overwhelming at first, but there are many low-cost ways to reduce your carbon footprint without completely overhauling your lifestyle or moving out of your dream home. Here are 5 of the coolest eco-homes available in the UK, as well as information on what makes them so environmentally friendly.

Best List Of  Coolest Eco-Homes In The UK

1: Courtyard House

A full-fledged eco-house in the heart of London? Why not?! Furthermore, it will be visually stunning! All of that lovely wood makes this fantastic home as beautiful as it is sustainable, and what a feat that is!

A single-story courtyard house constructed on a constrained brown-field sloping site, built out to the perimeter while providing light and private views to the habitable rooms and avoiding overlooking of the surrounding properties, according to the design team.

Imagine the luxury of not being overlooked in London while also helping the environment… What a way to kick off our list of the top ten eco-houses!

‘The Pavilion is adjacent to William Chambers’ Grade II listed building, The Pagoda. With a brief to build the most energy-efficient and contemporary house possible on a site that is shaded for half of the day by large trees with root protection zones on all sides, this project was a challenge from the start. This low-carbon contemporary home will achieve Level 5 on the Code for Sustainable Homes and includes sustainable features such as passive solar design, earth sheltered lower ground, green roofs, and a natural swimming pool.’

2: The Pavillion Eco-House

There’s no disputing the eco-credentials, but it’s the design by E2 Architecture that has really blown us away. You could almost miss it if you blink, but once you’ve noticed it, you can’t unsee it.

3: The Boat House

According to the project’s design team, “The Boathouse was conceived to serve as a tranquil retreat away from the main house – an 18th century converted barn.” The idea was for it to float over the lake and provide a peaceful haven with calming views of the still water. The structure is a 4-legged steel frame structure sitting on concrete piles sunk into the lake bed in the beautiful Cotswolds, within the Lower Mill Estate. The design and appearance are very modern, but the use of traditional materials like neutral oak and slate acknowledges the rural setting.

With efficient glazing and a woodburner, this retreat can perfectly regulate itself in hot or cold weather.

4: TY Eco Homes, Pembrokeshire

The TY Solar Boncath Garden Village in Pembrokeshire, which is only a few miles from the beaches of Cardigan Bay, saves an impressive 70,000 tonnes of CO2.

Solar energy is used to power the beautifully presented Scandinavian style properties, with 15kW PV integrated solar roof systems and a 13.8 KwH Tesla Powerwall battery for storage.

The passive solar principles are maintained in the south facing houses, which use local Douglas Fir tree cladding and warmcel recycled paper insulation to provide year-round natural light and space heating.

Each spacious home has EV charging stations for electric vehicles and even a low carcinogen Swedish painting system that benefits asthma sufferers.

 5: East Village, London

The East Village in London was specifically designed as an Olympic Village for the Summer Games in 2012.

It has since been converted into 2,818 urban residential housing units with a level 4 in the code for sustainable homes, making it an eco success.

With 90% efficient heating systems and 90% construction waste saved from landfill, an onsite biomass power station generates energy for the entire community.

The East Village has saved 5k tonnes of carbon emissions by using LED lighting, and the presence of living roof gardens helps replenish and nurture local wildlife.

East Village London has 6,000 residents and onsite restaurants, shops, and bars, as well as 35 acres of open space and three children’s parks.

After reading this post you will find coolest eco-homes in the UK thanks for reading this post be happy.

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