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5 Most attractive cover letter examples, you must consider

Before you start a Cover Letter it is a good idea to look at Curriculum Vitae Template Examples. This gives a better view of what the end result should look like. It is good to sort the good habits from the bad. The end goal is to form a targeted Cover Letter that benefits the chances of success. 

 Let’s have a look at some examples of good Cover Letters.

Cover Letter Examples for Student/Graduate

Right out of school it is not expected to have a five star Cover Letter like that of  some one with years of experience . This is a major plus. It is fine to be general and rely heavily on achievements, education, talents, interests and attitude rather than work experience.

Following a simple standard Cover Letter plan is good enough for a Student/ Graduate to get a foot in the door.

Cover Letter Example for Middle Management

One of the more popular Cover Letter Examples is that of Middle Management.

The benefits of seeking a middle management role is that there are plenty of jobs. Given the work experience of a candidate.

A Middle Management Cover Letter Example consists of

  • First, a greeting
  • Second, an active opener 
  • Third, a body that contains all accolades and awards
  • Finally, a call to action and then a request to follow up.

Cover Letter Examples for Career Change

Another one of the popular Cover Letter Examples is that of a career change. 

The Cover Letter for a career change is more or less the same as any other Cover letter with the adage of the reason for leaving the prior position.  The body of work from the past position should show the ability of dealing with day to day tasks in the new job. Create your own value. 

Cover Letter Examples for Management

Management jobs are highly sought after, therefore competition is high. Going over Cover Letter Examples for Management before applying is a step in the right direction. To be aware of the competition. 

This Cover Letter should focus highly on Work History. List awards and accolades and projects that have been led and/or taken part in. Try to show off a healthy persona and ability to complete tasks at hand.

Cover Letter Examples for a PhD Application

Cover Letters are used in pursuit of studies. The benefit of creating a Cover Letter for PhD Application is that relatively less people are looking for the same, yet looking at PhD Application Cover Letter Examples before applying is still a good idea. This gives appliers an edge over the competition. The Cover Letter for PhD application should be focused highly on past education, show that you are a valid and valuable candidate. Focus on special projects you’ve been involved in and progress made thus far in studies. Show excitement for the position and the campus. Have an active approach towards job hunting.


Now that we’ve gone over what a cover letter should look like, using many Cover Letter examples here’s a few things to keep in the back of your mind.


  • Overshare — Cover Letters are a great way to show off your persona but make sure not to over share. This simply means that even though the cover letter should reflect the personality, it should not be self centered. Let your words, work and ability show who you are at work.  
  • Self celebrate — A bit of bragging is tolerable but too much indicates a bad attitude . On the other hand, going overboard is bad for the entire effort. Employees want confident, not cocky employees. 
  • Make Demands — The entire employee employer dynamic is a bendy thing. Don’t create drama or focus on only what you want. Instead, divert the talk towards what you can do for them and in turn what you could gain from the provided effort.

How to analyse Cover Letter Examples

On the surface all cover letters follow a simple structure which is having 

  • Greeting
  • Opener
  • Body
  • Closer

Upon a closer look of the Cover Letter Examples it is obvious that each of them are same in some ways and differ in others. They are all crafted specifically in order to stand out from all other submissions; they all focus on playing to strengths and downplaying weaknesses. This gives an edge over the competition. Try to focus on the details. Analysing Cover Letter Examples may seem tough but with a little bit of effort the end result will lead to a dream job.

Curriculum Vitae Template and Resume Builders

As Cover Letters are a part of a CV it is a good idea to look at the entire Curriculum Vitae  example and Curriculum Vitae Template and not just the Cover Letter.

There are many resume writing services online that not only help build resumes but also have examples of the Curriculum Vitae template you want to get you started.

Many websites offer a lot of options for templates. Your journey begins by choosing the best Curriculum Vitae for you. If you’re not sure about what goes in your resume this is a great tool to make your life easier. A Curriculum Vitae Template helps to give your resume a structure and limits errors. Before you begin, be sure to take your time to choose a Curriculum Vitae Template that best fits you.

Where to find a Curriculum Vitae Template?

There are mainly three ways to find a Curriculum Vitae Template online.

resume builders

These are automated web apps made to guide users in making their resume. After a few easy clicks and by just adding some basic information into fields you are presented with a professional looking resume that can be edited at a later time. Additionally, you can upload your current resume to the website and the mistake detection system will recognize and assist in improving your resume. 

Downloadable Curriculum Vitae template:

Formatted templates that can be downloaded and filled out at the user’s convenience. Normally a downloadable Curriculum Vitae Template comes free of cost but requires a certain degree of know-how to complete. Without a doubt, These are a great option for the more thrifty users.

Online Curriculum Vitae template

This type Curriculum Vitae template can be accessed through many websites. These can be filled on the web page, stored on a database or be downloaded, depending on the service provider’s policy. These are normally available to anyone with an internet connection. This Curriculum Vitae template comes in all shapes and sizes and gives users more liberties while creating. More of an option for creative individuals. Unfortunately, these do tend to have a certain degree of errors associated with them. Usage of an Online Curriculum Vitae Template puts the burden of success or failure solely on the user. Nevertheless, These are a great option for new comers  or for practice when building a resume.

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