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5 Makeup Ideas For Older Women - Mazing US
Thursday, February 22, 2024
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5 Makeup Ideas For Older Women

5 Makeup Ideas For Older Women

Makeup has the power to boost self-confidence. Working with gorgeous hues and palettes can be fun as well. But the most important thing to remember is there is no age limit to flaunt gorgeous makeup. 

Source: unsplash.com 

In fact, older women often refrain from using makeup, worrying it would not look good on them. On the contrary, you can create a gorgeous look at any age with much ease with the right tips.  Here we will share five expert tips to ace the makeup look at any age. 

1. Build A New MakeUp Palette

As you age, you have to reconsider your makeup palette to include elements that best work for you at the moment. Creams, foundations, and shades that worked well on young and tender skin may not be suitable anymore. Rebuild your bag with lightweight and hydrating creams, serums, primer, etc., which helps with creating a fantastic look. 

Learn which shades work best on your complexion without washing you out. The right colors will accentuate your best features and give you a fabulous look. Bring together a customized color palette for your eye shadow, lip color, and nail colours . Explore earthy tones that compliment your skin tone and eye color. For example, if you have green eyes, shades of blue and brown will pop. You can go for a neutral lip, in this case, to even out the look. 

Source: pixabay.com

Make sure to save some nude and neutral elements for a casual, everyday look. These can quickly help you create a no-makeup look anytime you step out. Nude or soft colors are also a good choice for your nails, better than transparent or colorless lacquer. It gives a slightly fancy vibe without overdoing it. 

2. Explore The Dewy, Natural Look

Older women often tend to use makeup to hide natural aging symptoms like wrinkles. But after a certain age, no amount of makeup can hide them elegantly. Moreover, applying too much makeup to cover these issues makes them more apparent and draws attention to them. Instead, embrace the natural changes on your skin in a subtle way to get a fabulous look.

Start with a healthy skin care routine consisting of cleansing, exfoliation, and moisturization. It helps to elevate the natural radiance of the skin and promote a healthy complexion and glow. Start with a weightless moisturizer as a base and cover the troubling patches like dry skin with a primer. It will give a fresh and dewy look and can smoothen out the makeup layers coming ahead. 

Avoid heavy foundations that create a patchy look on the skin. Use a foundation brush or sponge to smoothen out the cream. Move on to a concealer that can lighten some skin issues like pigmentation and dark circles. Don`t forget to use a dark-colored cream concealer that can blend spots, pigmentation into the skin. Concentrate on areas such as the inner corner of the eye and apply evenly. These steps will set the best base for your skin to look effortlessly beautiful while embracing your age. 

3. The Extra Mile On The Eyes

Dramatic eye makeup can be a mesmerizing look for older women. The key here is to tone down on the eye shadow and instead focus on eyebrows and lashes to ensure the makeup looks gorgeous. Remember, this does not mean that you cannot use bright eyeshadow colors. Avoid using too many colors on the eye. Instead, look for palettes that blend in well with each other smoothly to create a more subtle look. 

Source: pixabay.com

Start with your eyebrows by brushing them upwards. Now outline the brows using an appropriate pencil color and brush it back downwards to set it. Move on to the eye shadow, but not before using an eye primer. The primer will keep the makeup in place and also give a more even look. Make sure the strokes are smooth while applying eyeshadow and blend the layers of colors properly. Avoid using dull colors as it will make your eye look droopy and tired. A little glitter on the eye can go a long way to give a glamorous look. 

The last step would be turning the focus onto your lashes. You can either use false lashes or simply use a curler to create a more dramatic look. Beautify them further with dark, black mascara to give it a lovely finish.

4. Defined Lips That Defy 

Lips tend to get asymmetrical with age and therefore need more defining to look perfect.  You can use a lip pencil to define more symmetric features around your lips before filling them with your favorite color. 

Source: pexels.com

Use four independent strokes starting from the outer corners of your lips to the center using the pencil. Now apply lip color in the same manner to smoothen it out. Use a brush to smudge out the color to create a softer look. You can further finish your lips with a touch of gloss, especially if you choose a matte lip color. Try colors that elevate your complexion without colliding with your eye work for the best finish. 

5. The Bold Eyeliner Look Can Be Fun

Eyeliner can be the magic wand that perfectly accentuates your eyes while covering up droopy skin and dark circles. You can experiment with some fun eyeliner styles to create a simple yet classy look. 

Avoid continuous strokes that tend to look uneven from wrinkles. Instead, switch to smudgy styles. Dot the area with the pencil and use a brush to smudge the color softly. Compliment the liner with a subtle, neutral eye shadow to elevate the liner. Use light-colored liners such as beige to underline the baseliner. It can make your eyes look bigger and gorgeous effortlessly.  


Embracing a more natural look as you age can work in your favor. Toning down the makeup to simply accentuate your best features can make you look drop-dead gorgeous every time you step out. Don’t forget to supplement your skin with healthy food, sleep, and a thorough skincare regimen to flaunt a fabulous look anytime, anywhere. 

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