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5 Low-Stress Jobs That Pay Really Well

You need money to afford your choices. However, you may have heard your whole life that you will get handsome wages only in stressful jobs. And a job that requires less stress and offers great bucks sounds too good to be true. Guess what? You don’t have to give up chasing your dream for the highest paying jobs in exchange for low-stress ones! 

We have a solution for those who want a high-paying career and don’t want to be stressed. Here’s a list of 5 low-stress jobs that pay really well, so you can earn more and maintain a strong work-life balance.

5 Low-Stress Jobs That Pay Really Well

1. Product Manager

Product managers define a product’s success and motivate a team to make that vision into reality. They are responsible for product planning and product marketing. In addition, they are required to manage the product throughout its lifestyle and prioritise customer needs and desires. These experts take every necessary step to deliver winning products. If you have great creative thinking and problem skills, you are a perfect fit for the role and earn lucrative incomes. 

The average salary for a Product Manager is £56,000 per year in the United Kingdom. Moreover, experienced product managers can make up to £60,000 annually.

2. Art Directors

Many people struggling with work-related stress are likely to quit their job. If you are one of them, a career as an art director is what you need. Art directors can earn handsome cash without compromising on their comfort. They collaborate on projects and with many people. An art director supervises the work of other artists who create images for television, movies, commercials, video games and many more. 

Besides, they are in charge of deciding which artistic elements, such as art and photographs, to employ on a project. It’s one of the happiest jobs, where you can enjoy your work while reaping great rewards. 

Art directors in the UK make £47,310 on average annually. The range of typical starting salaries for junior art directors is £20,000 to £25,000.

3. Operations Manager

Operations managers are in charge of implementing the proper procedures and practices throughout the organisation. Their primary responsibilities include:

  • Handling the organisation’s logistics.
  • Formulating strategy.
  • Preparing budgets and inventories.
  • Managing procurement processes and much more.

Operations Managers play a crucial role in overseeing activities related to the manufacturing of goods and products. Therefore, a career in operation management is lucrative since it’s one of the highest paying jobs and continually grows. 

The national average salary for an Operations Manager in the United Kingdom is £45,157 per year, ranging from £26000 to £82160. 

4. Business Managers

Many occupations are both stress-free and lucrative, and business manager is one of the several profitable jobs. Business managers get increased bonuses, better benefits and a good number of paid vacation days. Hence, they get the most out of their jobs. 

The profession involves advising clients on legal and financial issues, arranging travel and lodging, selling tickets, directing marketing and advertising activities and much more. On top of that, the practical experience gained in this field can help transition to better jobs with ease.

Business managers can earn more money and have increased freedom. The average salary of Business managers in the United Kingdom is £42,500 per year. The pay starts from £33.903 and grows up to £62,885 with experience. 

5. Hair Stylist

Hairstylists are beauty experts that specialise in hairstyling and treatments. Their primary responsibilities include washing, colouring, cutting, and styling hair. Besides, they recommend and sell salon products to the customers and offer unparalleled beauty advice. They are the professionals constantly aware of staying on top of the trends. It’s a great career to consider if you wish for positive job security and increased profit. 

A career as a hairstylist offers solid prospects to improve. The average salary for a Hair Stylist in the United Kingdom is £25.000 per year. Entry-level positions start at £20,800, with the most experienced stylists earning up to £32,800.

Excessive work stress is also a health hazard since it can harm a worker’s mental health. On top of that, stressed workers are more likely to indulge in unhealthy habits, such as smoking, drug abuse and poor dietary patterns. Most people swap their high paid occupations for stress-free, lower-paid ones. As a result, finding a job that makes you happy and stress-free is imperative. 

In a low-stress job, you are more comfortable, positive and productive. You can engage in many leisure activities while also receiving excellent monthly pay. There are tremendous jobs that are least stressful and pay insanely well. So seize the opportunities and make informed decisions about your future career.